Friday, July 30, 2010

Fro Yo

Since coming out west the hubs and I have been eating much healthier foods. It's true. You know, more fruits and veggies and ... and you know, foods that are healthy. It's fairly easy to access these yummy foods too, we just go to the farmer's market and stock up for the week. yum. We are so entirely consumed with consuming healthier foods that we have stopped eating ice cream ... we have turned to frozen yogurt. It is amazing! And sooo much better for you! There are five frozen yogurt shops in one little town. It is positively delightful!

One of the first nights we were here we decided to try a little shop across from the hubs' work place. Walking in all I could do was stand and smile. There were machines that you get to pick your own fro yo from. They had all different kinds of flavors: taro, green tea tart, raspberry sorbet, kiwi tart, country vanilla, butter and cream, French chocolate, pink lemonade, blueberry tart, peanut butter, raspberry... and the list goes on. And it is wonderful and glorious. Then you turn and look to the side and you see oodles and boodles of toppings: captain crunch, fruity pebbles, coco flakes, granola, sprinkles, frosted animal cookies, yogurt covered mini pretzels, gummi bears, sour gummi worms, nerds, m&ms, mini peanut butter cups, twix, snickers, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. Then, you take another step and you are in la la land all over again... they have More toppings! Cheesecake bits, cookie dough bits, brownies, jellies, some weird things I've never seen before and can't imagine putting on my treat of frozen yogurt, strawberries, kiwi, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, mango, lynchee, banana, and so much more!

It's amazing! How incredible! How wonderfully delightful! And of course, since we've never tried anything before we have to try all of the flavors of yogurt. After an hour of sampling this one and that one... I pick one, it really is amazing it didn't take me longer than that, considering the amount of choices I had. But I managed. country vanilla. Then I dump a mountain of granola and fruits on it. How happy. It's pretty wonderful, really.

Every time we go I pretty much get the same thing... after sampling all of the other flavors I end up getting the one I always get, with the same toppings... it's just sooooo yummy I can't help it! There was one exception. It was my birthday, and they must have known it because they had peanut butter flavored yogurt that night (which is obviously the best thing in the world). So I got some peanut butter and loaded it with candy of every kind. The way I see it, it's frozen yogurt not ice cream. Much better for you, and toppings don't count cause they're just toppings...

ah. yes. my favorite. frozen yogurt. It has become one of my happy places. I also found a dime there once. Which is pretty wonderful. And also, we have a punch card and after we get so many yogurts, we get one for free! Pretty much wonderful! I hope next time we go, which could very well be this evening, they have peanut butter and I could drench it with bananas. ooo. I wonder if the hubs would be up for it...

Cause you know, it's not always my idea to get frozen yogurt. Hubs thinks it is pretty much one of the best things on the face of this earth too. It's true. In fact, we were out driving when his mummy and daddy came to visit. We were some where semi near to Yosemite National Park, except we weren't really that close, just you know, kind of close.

Anyhow, we were riding along and everyone was throwing out ideas of what they wanted for dinner, it was getting later and later and there were no eating places any where. So we kept driving. Around 8:00 o'clock some one said a salad would be good, some said sandwichs would be yummy, or a burger, and there were other ideas too, like mine. I said, "Frozen yogurt would really hit the spot. That just sounds so perfect for tonight!"

8:20 - Hubs suddenly perks up, "Great thinking, Cupcake! That would be really good! With the fruit and the cheese cake bits. Um!!"

"Frozen yogurt?" says Mum and Aunt.

"Ya! It's pretty much one of the best things on the face of this earth," Hubs responds with a big fat smile on his face and proceeds to tell them about all of the flavors, all of the toppings, and just about how it's plain old wonderful.

8:55 - Hubs says, "I want some yogurt!"

9:30 - Hubs thinks out loud, "Yogurt sounds so good! It would just be perfect right now! Not too heavy, not too light. Perfect!"

9:40 - "I want some yogurt!"

9:59 -"I hope we can find some yogurt!"

10:19 - We drive through a little town, we pass a Wendys - they have good frostys. "No. It's not yogurt," says the hubs. We pass a McDonalds with yummy McFlurries, "Not, the same. Nope," he declares. We pass a Cold Stone, I'd be happy with a cold stone. Not the hubs. "Nope," he says, "It's frozen yogurt or nothing! We need to find some." The hubs is determined. We drive out of town. No frozen yogurt in hand.

10:30 - Driving past corn fields and orange trees, tomatoes, and one lone fire works stand that says, "Help Youth Group" something or rother. "Yogurt..." Hubs mubbles.

10:45 - "You know what would be Awesome?! If we found some yogurt!!" Hubs is stoked at his idea.

10:50 - "You know what would hit the spot right now?" asks the hubs.
"BBQ chips?!" I chirp up (knowing full well that is not the correct answer).
"O! I know! ... Tacos!!"
"Noooo!!" hubs shakes his head.
"Let me guess... frozen yogurt?"
"YES!!!!" He is so cute when he gets excited.

10:59 - We see a town. "Maybe they'll have frozen yogurt! Wouldn't that be awesome?!" Hubs says.
"I'm pretty sure it would make your night," secretly I hope there is some frozen yogurt shop in this town. Hubs would be crushed if there was none.

11:03 - "O! I see... no. Never mind," hubs is glued to the window, sure not to miss his chance.

11:07 -"There! No." ...Sweet Hubs.
"Well, I don't know about you all," says his Pop, "but I'm stopping. I see an A&W up here and I'm gonna get some." Uncle agrees with Pop. Pop pulls into the parking lot.
"Yogolicious, What?!" Mum suddenly exclaims.
"Where?!" says the now dancing hubs.
"There!! Right there!" Mum says pointing her finger viciously at the window.

And there it is. Lit up in joy and happiness. Yogolicious. The yogurt shop.

11:08 - Hubs is running towards the shop. I love it when he's excited. He's just so cute!

11:09 - "Here!" hubs is shoving sample cups at Mum, Aunt, and me. "Try some!" He is so excited. We all sample the new and different flavors.
"This is so fun!" Aunt likes it.
"Wow! Look at all the choices!" Mum likes it. Both Aunt and Mum are grinning with eyes aglow from all of the sweet treats.
I like it.

11:22 - We are all (well, Mum, Aunt, Hubs, and me - Pop and Uncle opted for the other) sitting on a curb, enjoying the yummy frozen yogurt.

11:29 -"That hit the spot," Hubs says licking up the last of his yogurt, he is satisfied.

Needless to say, we are equally excited about frozen yogurt. I like to think back to that night, it makes me happy. And I like to get fro yo... lunch?

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I could go for a frozen yogurt, right now, myself!

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