Thursday, July 29, 2010

finish it

I have to hide it. I have to finish it. I have to get rid of it. The hubs needs to take it to work with him. It must go.

It's all I've been doing. ...see, I told you I had a problem. This dang book has gotten the best of me once again. No dishes have been washed, and no home work has been touched (though it is still morning and I never do my homework till the afternoon). O. good. gracious. I just have to finish reading it. Now. That way I'll be done. For good. Cause after I finish this book I have no more to read. Ah! What am I going to do then?!


Did you hear that? Huh. Didn't think so. Anyhow. It's the truth. Really, Why do I have this problem? It's just a book! But when I finish it I'm going to be soooo entirely board that I am actually going to fill my entire days with homework. I better just finish the book and get it over with. Get on with this school bug that keeps popping up out of the... not so blue.

O boy. So anyhow. That would be my dilemma. So many troubles and trials fill my days.

I'm not like my sisters who always have something cool happening at their house. I mean, pretty much every time I talk to them either some cute little person is sneaking a box of cookies from the pantry, or there will be the sound of happy children playing in the background- never arguing about who's turn it is to play with the spoon or ball or some other amazing object. Sometimes they (my sisters) even have to rush off to some important business such as picking up a cute little baby! Occasionally I hear a little one through the phone: singing, talking, explaining the rules of something important sounding, asking for treats... you know, fun stuff.

I never have that happen to me. Nope. Not once have I had to rush off to pull apart two little people fighting over a hairbrush ... oh wait, yes I have... back in my nanny days... but not now. Not any more. Nope. They are so exciting, my sisters are. And here I sit.

I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong. I'm merely comparing. Their exciting filled lives with my white wall life. yes. It's true.

4 comment(s):

Jillian said...

Like the ne background and layout! very cool! Hope you are doing well!

My life is VERY different from that of my siblings---the walls of our life are also white! I am enjoying the "white walls" before they are marked with crayons and food crumbs!

Jillian said...

like the *new* background

Anonymous said...

You know, Hannah, it wouldn't be that difficult to add a little excitement to your life . . . I'm sure your hubs would be up for it. Then you just wait a few months (about 9) and pop! out of the oven comes a little bundle of you'll-never-be-bored-again. Yay! -Celeste :)

Cupcake said...

o. good. gracious. ... that is NOT what I was implying whatsoever. It is quite obvious that I should have stated that super clearly. nope. I have plenty of excitement in my life right now. homework is super! nothing else for me please. nope. no. no thank you. not even a little bit.