Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lake Tahoe

Well, shoot. My life has suddenly become a lot more boring. I mean, now that my bicycle is cooperating with me, now that the washing machine wants my money, now that my feet have mostly healed, now that we've discovered a bus that goes the 10 plus miles to Target... ya. It's no where nearly as exciting as it once was. Two days ago. That's why the hubs and I went on a trip.

Yup. A trip. A trip to a great big lake out here and then to some pretty big mountains. On Thursday afternoon I have class. It's pretty boring and horrible to be perfectly honest, which I am, so I wasn't thrilled when the professor decided it would be "fun to play a game". When is it ever fun to play a game in an online class, let me ask you. Answer: Never. Plus, he pretty much ruined the game. We were supposed to reenact some world war or another and it didn't have to follow the path of the real one that happened. So it didn't. But then he got all upset about that and spent 20 minutes after class was out to explain how we did it wrong and why. I'm not even joking. joy. I am supposed to be leaving to go on the trip of a life time and here I am... stuck in some terrifically dull class... that was supposed to be over an hour ago. Super. So after he goes on and on for another hour (two hours over class time) I decide to pull the plug. literally. So I do. Woops. I guess my computer shut off. Random. Crazy. I'm sure it's not a permanent thing though.

So I pack. Well, actually, I was packing while I was in class. Kind of. I pretended to be paying attention but really I was scurrying all around my bedroom and bathroom trying to pick the clothes that I needed to take and if I needed to bother washing my hair over the next four days... I decided no. No I would not be washing my hair once. So I threw everything else of importance in my bag (a pair of pants, four shirts, socks... you know. the norm). It all fit. Impressive. One backpack for four days. Then I picked it up. well, I tried to. I couldn't. So I pulled out half of it and tried again. It worked. Now the only problem I had was that I didn't have half the stuff I needed for the trip. huh. o well. I'll live.

By the time I'm done packing (why I didn't do it five days in advance I don't know... well, maybe I do. I mean, I knew about the trip and all, but I'm just more of a last minute packer. That's it. Yes. last minute. That's me) my computer had randomly shut off. This was nice because it meant that my class was over. For good. Thank goodness.

So, the hubs comes in and says, "Let's go!" Of course they had all been ready for five hours and were trying their hardest to wait for me. I apologized profusely and blamed it on the stupid prof. It was after all his fault. I swung my bag on my back and pranced down the stairs. We were off. An adventure of a life time. I stuck my bag in the car (a fancy little rental one) and proceeded to climb ever so gracefully over the seat to get to the very small back corner of the car. My spot. Man, this was going to be a long trip. The car stopped. Ok, maybe it won't be a long trip.

"Are you coming, Sweets?" asks the hubs looking at me like I'm a nut for sitting and not climbing out to go eat in the little restaurant.

Once I realize what we're doing I happily tumble over the seat once again to let my face meet the hard concrete parking lot ground. That's not how I had planned my graceful exit, but that's pretty much how it went down. Oh well... I've got loads of time to perfect that one. And thankfully the restaurant will probably have some ice and paper towels to stop the bleeding and throbbing. Dinner is yummy and before I can blink we are on the road again. Well, kind of. You know how when you go to a restaurant with a bunch of people and you are going to order a pizza. You are all going to eat the same thing, so you all have to agree on what kind of pizza to get. Thankfully it only took us about 60 minutes to figure out what we wanted on ours. After that we just had to gobble it down right quick. So we did.

Then we were off for real this time. After being shoved into the far back corner that is. And when I say shoved, that might even be an under statement. The hubs literally had to push me over the seat to get me into the back of the car. Once I managed to sit up straight, I was fine. Man, I really do need to work on that entrance and exit. ...next time.

Our first stop was Lake Tahoe. We got there a few hours later, it was dark and we didn't even get to see the lake. Great. Glad I made that trip. Four hours of being smushed and I don't even get to see the main attraction. Lovely. That's my kind of trip.

"Sweets, you gettin' out?" says the hubs... there seems to be a reoccurring pattern here. Maybe I should pay more attention.

Once again, I stumble out of the car, landing on my hands and knees this time. And you could hardly see the gash of blood on my palm, so I was really better off than when I skinned my forehead earlier that night. See, I told you I would get better at that. Come to find out we were stopping at a hotel by the lake and we would go see it in the morning. Nice.

In the morning we went to enjoy the free breakfast that came with the hotel stay. There was a little old lady hostess. She was so short a second grader was probably taller than she was. And the energy she had. Wow. She was full of it... at 7 in the morning I didn't know it was possible to possess so much energy. Now I know. You can. Well, at least, she can. She asked every one for their first name, and after she seated us she bragged on her restaurant for an hour before handing us our menus for us to order from. Since I love pancakes, I got pancakes. With fresh strawberries. It was so yummy. But you know how breakfast goes. It's breakfast. And I eat it. I'm a cranky little person if I don't eat any.

By 7:30 we were on the road. You know, I knew that the hour existed during the week. I'm up all the time by 7:30 during the week. But on the weekend?! I had absolutely no clue 7 was even a time on weekend mornings. ...O wait. It's Friday. I forgot. I guess it exists. But tomorrow, I'm sure I won't see that hideous hour of the morning.

I won't bore you with the details of all of the amazingly beautiful things we saw on the trip that day. All of the little windy mountain roads we went up and down. The ski lift we rode up to the top of the mountain to look over the entire lake. It was just too perfectly pretty to describe anyhow. You will just have to go enjoy it sometime for yourself. But we did enjoy our time there. In fact. I enjoyed it so much I broke a rule! On all of the paths there were signs that said, "Keep on the Path" so I did. That is until we saw snow. And the mom-in-law and aunt said, "it's okay, everybody's doing it!" so we ran and plopped down in a patch of snow for some pictures. And also so we could have a wet butt for the rest of the day. At least that's why I did it. I love being cold and having cold wet clothes on.

After a full day we started the drive to Yosemite National Park. Once we got to the park we drove for ten hours through it just to get to the other side so we could drive another five in the morning to go right back to it. Although, we did see one neat thing. A fire. Forget about the trees and waterfalls, the bears and the pine cones. We saw a fire. That's right. You hear about them all the time, but I've never actually seen one. Welp. I saw one, and even got to feel some of the crazy hot flames coming off of it. So we just drove faster down the road to escape from it and then got out to look at it. Much safer out of your car than in the car you know. You can definitely run quicker than you can drive. Common sense. Maybe I'll tell you about the bear sightings tomorrow.

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