Monday, August 2, 2010

Water Fountain

This morning there was a water fountain right outside my window. The fountain was so big it shot above my window. I live on the second floor. This is not good. Nope. I stand perplexed at first looking out the window, my mouth hanging open just a smidgen. Slowly I begin to walk over to the window and I look out. Sure enough there is a massive water fountain right outside my window.

I look down at the ground and see the gush of water shooting up into the air. I look at the side walk, the water is falling onto it like a heavy hail storm. Soon there is a big fat puddle of water. The small mound of dirt that is beside the sidewalk has flooded... in one minute. The little plants are wilting under the pressure of the water. Good thing the hubs left two minutes ago instead of one minute ago, 0therwise he would be one soaking wet person. It's true.

Looking down on the new fountain outside my window I can't help but think of how smart it is to water concrete slabs. Every morning, right after the hubs leaves the sprinklers come on. Every morning the sprinklers water the rocks and the cement sidewalk. Smart, huh? I suppose the tree that is near by might get some of the water, but it's only what the rocks and the sidewalk don't want. Poor tree. All he wants is his water and he's not even getting it. The stone is. And stones don't need water!

Obviously, this was all I thought about all morning long. Unfortunately I found more important things to do, like you know ... things of importance. Plus, I knew the water wasn't going to go off any more today, it only goes off at 7 in the morning, so obviously this wasn't an emergency. It could wait for me to go tell Mr. Maintenance. So I did my things of importance and went to have lunch with the hubs. I bumped into Mr. Maintenance on the way back and told him about the pretty fountain I saw. He seemed very concerned. But I haven't seen or heard anyone fix it yet, and I've been looking out that window all day long. Also, I have seen the broken bit of sprinkler laying beside the sea of mud. I don't think they fixed it. I think in the morning, I will see another fountain and another flood. o. my.

...You know, no one would have known if it hadn't been for me. Nope. No one would have found out. I guess you could call me a little hero for that. You know, I did the right thing and told someone about the fountain that isn't really supposed to be there. I didn't have to. You see, the neighbors keep their blinds closed... all day long, every single day. So they never would have even noticed. I don't know how one can stand being inside and having the blinds closed in the day time! Especially in the summer! Crazy! What about the pretty light and sunshine? They are missing out. ...hummm... maybe they are ... Vampires!! ah ha! I've figured them out! Of course! Why didn't I see it sooner?! ...they don't open them. Their blinds that is. Never. Not even once. Not even a little crack or peak. I can see their light and fan whizzing round and round on the ceiling through the tiny little crack between the blinds and the window. But that's it. Although, I suppose it could be a little awkward for them if they opened their blinds and saw me dancing and prancing about the house. I mean, I don't care who sees me, I wouldn't fall to the ground immediately, bang my head, get a concussion and have to go to the hospital or anything. No. I wouldn't do that. I'm a great dancer and most certainly am not ashamed of it. The hubs has even said that I would make a great Creative Dance Teacher. O. yes. That's right. Naturally this comment of his has only increased my dancing round the kitchen and living room. There's one song that is especially wonderful for dancing. I just love how happy it is. It Sends Me On My Way. So my new dream is to the be the creative dance teacher at a school. I'm hoping anyway. Hubs says, "You never know," then he chuckles to himself. What a sweet guy.

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So did the "fountain" get fixed? Don't leave us in suspense!