Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I have a problem. A big one. A HUGE big fat problem. Nothing I do helps. Nothing I do is good enough to get me over this problem.

I can't stop reading. When I start reading a book, I have to read it all. Right now. Right then. Even though there are thousands and hundreds of more pressing and urgent and important things to do, I can't stop reading. A good book that is. If it is some boring book, I'm more than happy to do anything but read. But, normally that is not the case. No. In fact, that rarely ever happens any more.

I can't help it. If I have a happy little (or big) book within my reach (which pretty much means any where in my house) I can't do anything except read. I won't fix dinner, I won't wash dishes. I won't do laundry, I won't pay the bills. I won't make the bed, I won't get out of bed! I won't read anything except that one book. And o. It's a trouble. There are soooo many other things I need to do with my time (precious time) like: apply to jobs and homework ... and if I have some time in between those two things- house work (things a little wifey is supposed to do).

I don't mind doing those things in the first place. I mean, yes, homework is a complete drag. But it does give me a sense of accomplishment and achievement (occasionally), it lets me know I am doing something worth while (I hope!). Job applications can be entirely monotonous and dreadful, but they need to be done. House work can be quite enjoyable. I like to make things tidy and clean. So this is often the one I chose before the others... though I have to admit, this summer, I'm a slackin' big time. Thankfully, we have no friends or family here so we are able to live in a pit of filth. It quite the change from life back home.

The only thing I have figured out that helps me with this problem is just not having happy little books around the house at all. It's true. So I go a few months with no pleasure reading, then I have to read something. So I do. And I become addicted once again. O. My. but hey, say la vee. At least I'm reading, right? Right. Reading is good for you. At least that what all of my teacher's always said. I might say they are wrong... but I can't, because I whole-heartily agree with them and plan on saying the exact same thing one day.

I try to have a reading plan. You know, a schedule. I don't allow myself to read when I'm at home alone unless I am eating lunch. When dinner is over, the dishes are washed, and Hubs is home, I allow myself to read then. But the day time is strictly for homework and applications (please don't tell the hubs it is the day time and I am doing neither of those at the moment!). On second thought, I've already attended to the first and most important one, so I'm just taking a wee break. yes. that's it. I'm taking a wee break. ... I had to start writing for fear of getting carried away with the time. When my nose is stuck in a book that tends to happen. Losing track of time that is. ...And unless it's a textbook of some sort, if I am on the computer it at least looks like I am (possibly) doing one of the two most important things on my list. But I'm done for now.

This week I'm switching slow days. Yesterday was crazy! I had soooo much crap to do. It was no miserable. So today I'm only doing a little crap and a lot of ... other stuff. Please don't ask me what I did today. But hey, at least I've managed to get out of bed and make it before noon... and my nose has only been in a book for less than an hour. Sometimes... I don't really like the rules I make for myself. But you know. They are there for a reason. Right? Right.

Right. So, now it's out. I'm owning up to my addiction. My problem. A big fat one. O. Dear.

Also. Hubs and I made two more people leave the hot tub last night. It's true. I think they felt really awkward making out when there were other people fairly close to them. Because not only could we really see what they were doing, we could also hear what they were saying. No thank you! So they went to the pool and put on an even more horrendous display of being entirely too close to each other and making out even more... dis-cus-ting. ...That, or we smell really bad. One or the other. I like to think that even though I haven't really showered in a few weeks, the pool and hot tub do a fine job of keeping me smelling sweet and fresh. You know, like summer. eh. what's it matter? They took their gross making out session to the cold pool water. ha.

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