Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I love you [and cheese :]

yes, you. You who are sitting there reading this here little blog right now. You have now idea just how happy it makes me. I love visitors! I love reading comments when you feel so inclined to leave them. It might sound silly, but I really do a little happy jig when I see I have a new comment... or a new follower. You really do make my heart happy! (if you don't already follow me I would be so grateful is you started, just ya' know...) So thank you for stopping by on this lovely Wednesday! I do hope you will come again soon.

Also, I just figured out how to make tabs on the top of my page! how exciting! I just had to make some, even though there is nothing in them yet. But don't you worry your pretty little head. They will be filling up soon enough. Oh, what a happy day! :)

Moving on... I have a few more days from our trip to the Northwest. Mostly more some pictures.

a nice little visit with Ben :) 

why is it that I can take good pictures with statues and not real people? 

we got to visit one of my friends from when I lived in PNG
(speaking of which, I need to send her some pictures!)

and then we went to be best place on earth. 
Tillamook Cheese Factory.

so much cheese!!! :)
I love cheese!

i heart cheese =)

some interesting tid-bits for you :)

I could live off of cheese (and dairy). 
It's my favorite. 


sooo pretty!

so, we were driving along and then we saw a little sign that said, 
"Hug Point" (I'm pretty sure at least), so we stopped.
And we were greeted by this pretty beach. 
Which also happened to be FREEZING!!!! 
five layers and I was still frozen. 

but it was so much fun. 
and so pretty. 

Hubs on the beach! :)

seagull on a big rock! :) 

we found a pretty waterfall right next to the beach 
(that and a cave, it was in a different picture). 


some nice people took our picture for us. 

he is swell. 

so so so pretty!! My heart was happy this day.

we had a very late dinner at a little pizza shop in Astoria, OR. 
Sadly, I can't remember the name of it. 
[6 hours later: I found the name - Fultano's. 
go there. you will thank me later :]
But, they had the BEST pizza I have ever eaten. 
And I have eaten a lot of pizza. 
Everything about it was divine!
I wish there was one here. 

Anyhow. Thanks for indulging me. Or at least pretending! I hope you have a happy Wednesday! 


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Anonymous said...

I'll give you a huge WOW!! on the pizza picture. You really ought to at least name the place, even if you don't remember the name of the pizza. If it tasted half as good as it looks, I've got to get me one.

And, by the way, now that you have a new comment, you can dance another jig.