Friday, June 8, 2012

Dead books :(

I killed something last night, a book (I just want to make sure we are VERY CLEAR on that part. No living, breathing, anything was hurt last night by me. It was a book. Doesn't mean I enjoyed tearing apart the sweet little book, but it wasn't a life and that's what you (and me) need to keep in mind. mmmmk? :). It's true, a poor unsuspecting, precious, innocent, lovely, little book. A dictionary to be more exact (which I really could have used in my classroom, as I only have six and they are all really precious and I would love to have more than six)and I killed it. It was quite terrifiying and horribly awful. I had nightmares about the whole process. See, this is how I feel after ripping a book apart. I could never kill anything, it would be the death of me! Anyhow, I'm sure you are wondering why I killed an innocent and useful little dictionary last night. To make a bird house. That's why. yep. yep. yeppers. As a craft. I would post a picture to show you how it turned out, but my option to post photos right now is not working properly. Once it starts working soon i will show you what i crafted out of that poor little dictionary :)

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