Wednesday, June 20, 2012

animals and the end

On the last day of our trip we drove around a little bit and ended up in Sequim for a while. There was an animal park that you could drive around (or walk) and see a bunch of different animals. It was $15 a person to drive through. Because the Hubs and I are super cheap people we did the free walk around the fences instead of even paying $5 to walk around and see the animals. It suited us just fine. The hubs is really a great companion for me and me for him, mostly because we get along so well and think along the same lines. Like, paying $30 to see some animals (though there were some pretty neat ones to see) was not something we wanted to spend our money one. 

Anyhow. So we walked around a little bit and then once we saw all we could see we left. 

We did get to see (and feed :) this here cute little donkey. Don't worry, we only fed him the grass. He just liked it better from our hands. I really liked feeding him because his mouth was so soft and happy. I thought he might bite my hand off (not really), but he just wanted to munch the grass I had picked. 

We also saw a yak and a lama. 

and lots of peacocks. This one and another one kept calling to each other. They were very loud. 

After we finished seeing all the animals we could see for free (which by the way included: a donkey, peacock, yak, lama, bear, tiger, ding, wolf, bunny, puppy, sheep, goats, dear, and a buffalo) we had some lunch at a diner for old people. I'm not even kidding. We were the youngest people in there. One old lady kept staring at me as if to say I didn't belong and I should leave. We did leave, after we finished our lunch. And we went to a little beach/inlet place. It was pretty. 

there were lots of shells there. and the water was cold. 

hubs found a crab.

pretty poppies (I think).

And we got some pictures of us in the house I used to play at pretty much every day when I was little. 

And of course with the dear sweet friends who let us stay at their house. We got to enjoy relaxing evenings filled with dinners and desert with them (and a little look at my past. Hubs got to see some pictures of me when I was little :). 

Anyhow. That was our trip. I enjoyed it quite. But I must say, I love being at home. There truly is no place like it :) 

I hope you are having a lovely Wednesday! 

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