Wednesday, May 30, 2012

oatmeal in my kitchen

I think oatmeal is simply delightful, if it's packed full of yummy toppings that is :) I buy it frequently at the store because it always looks so good and there are so many different types to try. But then, I get them put away and I don't eat them because well, for some odd reason, cold cereal with milk just seems better and a lot quicker than heating up a bowl of oatmeal when you are trying to rush out of the house and make it to school on time.

Yesterday as I was organizing one of my kitchen cabinets I found five boxes of oatmeal. yep. five. All opened. All with only one packet eaten. That is why I have decided that I will only allow myself to eat oatmeal for breakfast until all of the oatmeal is gone. I had some this morning and I quite enjoyed it.

I like a lot of BetterOats oatmeal. The strawberry is especially yummy. What I really enjoy is a nice warm bowl of steel cut oats, but far too often I'm really hungry and lazy first thing in the morning and I'm just too impatient to make them. But I really like the chewiness of them. Top them with a a few almonds and some dried berries, and it makes a delicious, healthy, and filling breakfast. In fact, it sounds so yummy I just might make it for dinner tonight. 

Or, have you ever had Amish Baked Oatmeal? No? You are missing out my friends. Missing out. It's a life changing experience, let me tell you. I am going to make some soon (after I finish all of the other oatmeal I'm trying to eat up), share a mouth watering picture of it with you and a delightful recipe so you can make it yourself. You will thank me :) 

Do you like oatmeal? Why or why not? What kind is your favorite? 

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Bekah Potter said...

I make your mom's Amish Baked Oatmeal all the time. :)