Wednesday, May 16, 2012

my new love

The other day the hubs and I went up to visit some friends and family. We were going to see his mama, aunties, and grandma for Mother's Day, and some friends that live up in the area while we were up that way. We were actually very productive when it came to getting all of our visits in. We had brunch with some friends from our small group that moved up there a few months ago. After brunch we went to the hospital where his family was visiting his cousin who had just had her baby (everyone is having babies!). Then we got to see more family and friends after the hospital visit. All in all, we had four very nice visits that day. 

Anyhow, on to the juicy bit of the story ... we had a few hours to kill between finishing brunch and visiting the hospital. So, hubs took puppy to the dog park and I went shopping. Not intending to buy anything. Really. I was just happy to walk around by my lonesome and look at nice pretty things. It had been a while since I had time to shop (aka: look around and admire pretty things that I will never own). Then I passed a shoe store. And I thought, "Eh, I might as well go in. They might have a nice pair of black flats."  I may not have mentioned this before, but, I have been looking for some nice black flats for a while now. I have had a wonderful pair for a few years now, sadly the sole is worn down and floppy which makes me trip in front of all my students, graceful, let me tell ya. Plus, puppy got a hold of one of the shoes when he was a wee little fellow and chewed one of the little bows off. They are not so pretty to wear any more, but they are the only black flats I have, so when I need to wear black shoes, out them come. It's a little pathetic. 

Anyhow. I went into the store thinking I might find something, but not hoping because I have been looking for about a year now with no luck. After wandering around for a while I spotted them. The perfect black shoe. And I had a coupon. But they didn't have my size. Of course that would be my luck. Thankfully, the nice lady at the store said they could order them for me. So they did. And they arrived at my door step this afternoon. I heart them so much. They are one of my comfiest paris of shoes by far. So conformable I am temped to order (or go buy) another pair of shoes by this shoe company right this very minute. If only I had another coupon. 

When I wear them it's like walking on a marshmallow. That's why I love them so much. I'm usually very indecisive about making purchases, and even once I do I regret it terribly. Especially for an expensive purchase like this one. That is not the case with these little cuties. I think this may have been one of the smartest shoe purchases ever. I think as a teacher you must have comfy shoes, I have found mine and I want more :) Have you ever tried B.O.C. shoes before? I think I'm hooked. 

... I'm trying to think of what outfit I can wear tomorrow so I can wear these little pretties. .... oh, how exciting! Do you love getting a nice new pair of shoes? What kind is your favorite? 


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