Thursday, May 17, 2012

you think my tractor's sexy...

no. I don't. It's just a song some singer sings (is it sad that this is one of the few country songs I know?). But tractors were the talk around school today (which made me think of this song. sad? eh, probably). "Why were tractors all the buzz today?" you may ask.

It's because .... today was Drive Your Tractor to School Day (aka: the last day of school :). EVERYONE drives their tractor to school on the last day. I meant to bring my camera to school today so I could take a picture to show y'all. It's a yearly thing so I'm sure most teachers would think it silly taking a picture of the tractors at school. But I don't really care. I'll just have to wait until the end of next year to get my picture of a high school parking lot full of tractors. shucks. I went outside because a lot of my boys asked if I wanted to see their tractor, at least a dozen and a half of them drove their tractors to school. They weren't joking when they said they drove their tractor to school. The parking lot was full of them. Yesterday they asked me if I was going to drive mine to school. If I had one I think I probably would have. But I don't. So I didn't. Oh, those country boys, I love them. They always make me smile, especially mine :)

Anyhow. Happy Drive Your Tractor to School Day!  

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