Monday, May 28, 2012

summer goals

So, it's been a little bit... and sadly happily I cannot blame my lack of writing on the business of school. No. I have been enjoying being off. My first full week has been glorious. I cleaned and packed up my room at school and just have one box sitting in my car waiting to come into the coolness of our home. My first full day off I did nothing. Not one single thing. It was beautiful. I stayed at home, enjoyed a yummy lunch by my lonesome, caught up on some shows, read a little bit, took a nap, and went to Target. The next day I got busy. I vacuumed our entire house (I think it had been since spring break since the last vacuuming!), swept, mopped, cleaned the kitchen, read, journaled (if that's a word), cleaned the bathrooms, gave puppy a bath, and fixed a real live healthy dinner for me and the hubs, oh, and I went on a three(ish) mile run with puppy. Maybe not in that order, but I still did them all. Productive? I think yes.

Today I've been thinking about what I want my summer to look like, everything I want to do... and this is what I've come up with, a list of goals if you will...

1. Write (in my journal and in blog land) every day

2. Read for at least an hour every day (...knowing me it will probably be more :)

3. Enjoy a nice little quality quiet time every day

4. Fix one new meal every week (I LOVE going to the library and checking out the cookbooks! there are so many yummy things I want to try :) I plan on sharing the success (or lack of) of these culinary adventures

5. Order some books for school and work on lesson plans for next year (I'll say, maybe for a week or two total...)

6. Go on some fun adventures with the hubs, we have two planned, I'm pretty excited about them! The first trip is going to be my favorite I think. I'm going to show hubs my "home"(more on that later) in the great Northwest: mainly Portland and Seattle. The second trip will be to the Jersey Shore and then to New York City! ... I love adventuring with the hubs!

7. Exercising regularly or more. Right now I have fun at Zumba every Monday and Wednesday, but I want to start doing a little bit more. Maybe cardio two more times a week and some toning too... we shall see.

8. Take puppy on a walk every day and to the dog park two or three times a week.  

9. Be healthy.

That's all.

I hope you all have enjoyed your Monday!

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Megan said...

Love your summer list! I have been reading a lot more lately and I'm really enjoying it!