Saturday, May 5, 2012

a walkabout

For the past few months I have been feeling as though the title of this blog should encompass who I am. And while I love "Cheery Bees" I didn't truly feel as though it gave even an inkling of who I am or what I am about. I wanted people to see the title of this here little blog of mine and draw a little connection between it and what they might expect to find written in the posts. So I have been chewing on the idea of changing my blog title to something a little closer to my heart. After a long while of thinking on this I decided I would do it. Change it over. Make it a little more personal (if a title can really be that personal), or at least put some of me into it.

So I did.

Not many things have been consistent in my life. I have moved more times than I count, lived in more rooms and towns than I can really keep straight. Making new friends and saying good-bye to dear ones has always been a part of life for me. I feel like I have always been on one journey or another, if it's not a physical one it's mental or spiritual.

The majority of my childhood was spend in Papua New Guinea. This is not a well known fact to most people I know. I'm not even sure I have shared that before here. But I did. Papua New Guinea is a wonderful island country and I am blessed to be able to say that's where I was raised.

Because of the close proximity to Australia and friendships that I have had with many Australians (who are all wonderful) I became familiar with terms that are used Down Under. One of my favorite being "walkabout" which pretty much means journey.

And that is what life is about. Especially mine. Just like you have in the past, you will find my musings about little adventures the Hubs and I go on or just about daily little adventures that come my way. I am excited to share this walkabout with you. And apologize for any confusion this little change may cause you. But I think it's time and I'm excited about it.

Have a lovely Saturday!

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