Tuesday, May 29, 2012


O goodness gracious. I have done Nothing today. Nothing. It's pathetic. The hubs is coming home in a little bit and I still have to finish folding and putting the laundry away, put the dishes away, and wash the new dirty dishes.

But, here I sit. Doing nothing. Productive for my house that is. The way I look at it, it's impressive that I got two loads of laundry folded and ready to be put away.

What have I done with all my time, you might ask. Goofed around on the internet. And that's pretty much all. Can you say Pinterest? Yeah. I've been looking a little too much today, I'd say. More than I have in the past five months. eh. oh well. It's my day. I'll do better tomorrow :)

I've decided to make a plan. When I get up I'll write myself a little schedule and I'll follow it. It always worked for me at work. Writing a list of things I need to do, that is. I think it's because I get to check the little box once I've accomplished that goal.

Wanna know something else? Today Puppy has spent approximately 95.7% of his day under the couch. It is his favorite spot. He darted under there this morning when it was storming something fierce this morning. He came out eight hours later. No joke. Eight hours. For seven minutes and then disappeared for another three hours. I decided we could both use some fresh air and I took him on a little stroll. It was quite a lovely little walk around the neighborhood until the big loud bang sounded. At which point Puppy jumped on me, his eyes imploring me to pick him up. I pet him for a minute or two and then tried to coax him into finishing our walk. His feet would not budge. So, I decided to be nice and not drag him on the rest of the walk. We turned around and it was he who was dragging me all the way home. Silly Puppy. Is my puppy the one who is terrified of thunder and other loud sounds? Do your puppies run for cover?

Anyhow. That was my day :)


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