Friday, October 1, 2010

the other thing!

So, here it is. What you have been dying to find out. What you have spent the last few days wondering about. What you wanted to know. ...I remembered. And I was so happy when I did. As I normally am when I remember something that was so terribly exciting.

I fixed it. The vacuum. I did. It's true. I called about one thousand vacuum cleaner repair shops in town and asked them if they had the part I needed. Most of them said, no. Some of them said, "well, I might, but you would need to bring the vacuum in so I could make sure." Some said they could order the part for me. They all gave me super high prices too. Like a hundred dollars high. It was a little ridiculous. I could buy a whole new vacuum for that. I also didn't want to wait for the part to be ordered and shipped in. I needed to vacuum our house before Saturday.

You see, my mums is deathly allergic to animals. Dogs especially. So I wanted to clean things up super spick and span in hopes that she wouldn't stop breathing while she was visiting us. In order to do that I needed a vacuum. That worked. That did not blow up in flames when I plugged it in or pushed the on button. No. I needed a properly running vacuum. The hubs and I even talked about purchasing a whole new vacuum if we couldn't find the right part. I kind of like my vacuum so I really didn't want to get a new one. Not to mention a new one costs Hundreds of dollars and we are cheap. But, if that's what we needed to do, that's what we needed to do. O my.

Thankfully I called one shop that happened to be right down the road from where I live. It's true. I asked if they had vacuum parts and if I could get the part for my vacuum. The man told me I would need to bring in my broken brush and he would check and see. So I did. And he did. It was really quite wonderful. Because all the way to the shop I was praying that they would have the part I needed. I really needed the part. I really didn't want to buy a new vacuum and I couldn't wait a week for a new part to come in. He was my only hope. He did not fail me. Thank goodness. He took my brush and went to look for a matching one. I was so relieved when he came out of the back room smiling with a second brush in hand. He said he was pretty sure it would do the trick. He also took the time to explain to me that the new vacuums have constantly changing parts these days, but it should work. He was positive. I also got a new belt from him. I about kissed him smack on the check when he told me how much it would all cost. It's true. I nearly did. I didn't. But I almost did.

It's kind of like the time the hubs and I were eating lunch at this little fish and chip restaurant that was appropriately named: The Dumpling Shop. I mean, such an Obvious name. Seriously. Ingenious. I would definitely walk past The Dumpling Shop and think, "you know, fish and chips sound really good right now." I mean, wouldn't you? Anyway, the lady in the shop was this little old Chinese woman who was probably also the chipperest lady I've ever seen. She was also a little flirt! Good gracious! After she brought us our food the hubs asked for some ketchup or some such something and she said, "Ok! Only if you give me kiss!" and she moved her check closer to the hubs' lips. yikes!!! Not really. for me anyway. I was actually dying in laughter because I had NEVER seen the hubs blush. Let me tell you, he was beet red. Or tomato red. Or lobster red. Or apple red. Or you know, red. He was red all over. Hilarious really. Ms. Flirty laughed and said, "Jus a joke!" and waddled off to get the ketchup. After she walked away, I said, "Wow. She really made you blush! I've NEVER seen You blush before!" and I proceeded to double over with laughter. It was really pretty wonderful. Ms. Flirty came back with the ketchup and said proudly to me, "See?! You see how I make him brush?! [that's how she said blush] He turn so red!" and then she nudged the hubs with her elbow and chuckled some more. When Ms. Flirty hobbled off once again the hubs finally said, "I didn't know what to do! I would've kissed her... I guess. I thought she was serious. I think she would have let me. ...I, I, I didn't know." I have also never seen the hubs speechless. But he was, for about four whole minutes. He would have kissed her for some ketchup. That's how much he loves his ketchup. traitor.

So anyways, like I was saying, I was so happy I nearly kissed the man with the vacuum piece. I didn't. But I did do a little happy dance. In my head. That's how excited I was. You see, the total cost for both the brush and the belt was twenty whole dollars less than what just the brush would have cost me at some of the other shops! Holy Moly! Amazing! He did not rip me off. I like people like that.

See? I told you it was good news : )

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