Thursday, October 28, 2010

no food for you

I wanted to eat some lunch yesterday. That was my goal as I walked into the kitchen to get some food to eat. You know, I was hungry, and I had some left overs, I thought it would be nice to be able to eat them. Leftovers, yummy leftovers. So, I pulled them out of the fridge and plopped them down on the one and only cookie sheet we have. I mean, a plate in the microwave would have worked just fine and all ... if we had a microwave. like we were supposed to. but we don't have one, like we were supposed to. So I didn't put them on a plate and pop it in the microwave for a minute. nope. I went over to the oven and turned the knob to start it up. Nothing happened. No noise. No heat. No light. No nothing. I'm pretty sure that when you turn the knob the oven is supposed to come on. Right? yes. But it didn't. Nothing happened. I turned it off and tried again. Same thing. nothing happened. shame really.

Thankfully I am a little bit resourceful and decided I could eat something else instead. Except, we really didn't have very much else to eat. Cereal? I could, but that's all I'd eaten for the past three days straight. I really wasn't feeling it. again. I had a bag of pecans, but I really wanted something more. I opened the fridge and saw the yummy yummy leftovers. Sadly they would taste really terrible if I ate them cold. Thankfully we thought to get eggs at the store (one of ten items we bought). Thankfully I like to eat eggs. Sadly there was no salt or any other yummy fixings. Thankfully we also had some cheese. Sadly the cheese tasted like chalk.

I told the office people our oven was broken. They were nice enough to send someone over to fix it. The fix it man was nice, and he fixed it. Except not really. Because later that night when I went to start the oven ... it didn't start. It did make noise this time. It even clicked. And there was a tiny little red light. It also filled the apartment with a not so wonderful gas smell. Thankfully I was sensible enough to know to turn the oven off. I did not want to be the reason the entire building exploded. No.

The hubs called Mr. Fix it and after a few hours he came over with Fix it man number 2. They tried starting the oven. But it didn't work for them either. see, it wasn't just me being incompetent. After fooling with it for another five hours they decided that it didn't work and they didn't have the pieces they needed to fix it. super. Mr. Fix it said, "We'll order the pieces in the morning and they should get here the next day and then we can come and fix your oven the next day." I guess it was really all he could do. And since he was nice about it and all I let it slide. After telling the hubs that leftovers were out of the question he decided we should order a pizza.

Unfortunately it took two hours to order the pizza and another three to pick it up. Thankfully we were able to eat some dinner, sadly it was way past our bed time when we eventually ate. But hey, I can't complain. The pizza was yummy and we ate it and weren't hungry any more. Unfortunately the oven is still in disrepair. sad.

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