Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good and Bad

So, I have some Wonderful news. In fact it's just so exciting I don't know where to begin. It's pretty much the greatest thing that has happened to me in ... some time. I'm not sure how long. But it's pretty wonderful. Actually, there is a second wonderful news thing that has happened to me also... except I can't really remember it, so I guess I won't share that. Even though it really was wonderful. ...but it also seems that with every little bit of fantabulous news there is some super dreadful news. Which I also have. shame really.

Good news: The sock that was eaten by the dryer was not really eaten by the dryer!! It's true. The hubs found it. After the lonesome sock sat clean on top of the dresser for about a month and a half the hubs said to me, "Hey! Look!" a mile wide grin plastered to his face. He was holding up a wrinkly black sock. dun dun dun. ...the missing sock! In the other hand was a shoe. A shoe the sock had been stuffed into. Apparently. The shoe he supposedly wore the day he had the socks on. For some reason the hubs likes to stuff his socks in his shoes when he is done wearing them. I guess that's as good a place as any... unless of course it is the dirty clothes basket. Which I think might be better, but maybe I just don't know. Maybe shoes are an even better place to put your dirty socks. What I want to know is why only one sock made it out of the shoe. Why not both? It's a mystery. ...But you know, I really can't say much. the missing sock was found. The dryer did not eat it. thankfully. I can still say our dryer has not eaten any of our socks. And now that I just said that, I'm pretty sure when I wash laundry next I will only have one of each sock. but you know, that's the way it works.

I remembered the other good thing I forgot. O wait, no. scratch that. I forgot it again. Well, whatever it was it was really super exciting. really, it was.

The poopy news is that some lady lied to me. I hate liars. Really. Just don't do it. Number one, it's just wrong. Number two, it's just not nice. Number four, it can lead to sad sad things. Like what I'm about to tell you. O, it's really quite dreadful really. So, remember Evil Saturday? Well, there is going to be a second Evil Saturday. Evil Saturday II. O. Good. Grief. I thought I was done with that crap. Nope. I knew it was too good to be true. I found out after talking with a few people and after a little comment about a personal Evil Saturday experience, that I might, just might, have to take a second test. It's true. Well, I looked and researched and I just didn't know what to do... When I was pretty sure I would have to take a second evil test, I called the school I go to, again, and asked them, again. I explained the entire situation. I said, "You know, I talked to this one lady and asked her what test (tests) I needed to take and she told me, 0059, (or some such something). I asked her, if that was all I had to take. I wanted to make sure I didn't register and take the wrong test and she said yes, yes it was. She assured me that was the only test I needed to sign up for and take. But I'm a little afraid that she lied to me. I would have taken the second test on the same day had I known. I just took it. Do I really have to take another? I just wish you weren't liars." Really, it's true. I said that. Word for word. I was secretly hoping that she would say I wouldn't have to, but I secretly knew she would say I needed to take a second test. She did. I do. bad. bad. bad. bad. o. how I loathe these tests. bother.

Good news: I got to see mums and dad the other day.
Bad news: they left me the next day.

Good news: I have a cute puppy, especially when he sleeps (though everything, and I mean everything is cute when they are sleeping)
Bad news: sometimes he sinks his little teeth into my skin and it hurts. a lot.

Good news: I made Frog Eye Salad.
Bad news: I have no one to share it with. shame.

Good news: it's almost the weekend! : )

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Anonymous said...

cute - nice that you were able to end with good news. I empathize with you in having to take another of those dreaded evil tests.