Wednesday, October 27, 2010

new adventure

It's time for a new adventure. It is true. We are on another one. We left the other day to start our adventure. And now it's really beginning. Not that it did start until today. It started a few days ago. Pretty much the start of it was like the other adventure we went on. Packing. That's what we did. And laundry. All day. loverly. I like to think that I did a better job packing for this trip, but that could also just be me trying to reassure me that I did, a better job that is. Although I am very happy to say that I packed significantly less then the hubs did. This much is true. :D I jammed all of my precious clothes and soaps into my one polka dot suitcase and sat back and smiled as I was once again reminded of a can of sardines. And as it fell over because apparently it was too fat to stand up straight. oh well. it's all in there. I also was a little bit sad. I mean, I was packing a lot of clothes, I felt like I could have packed less, but I didn't. O well. It will work. An other reasons too, but I won't start on those right now.

The drive up here was really actually incredibly Beautiful. The trees were changing and there were bright reds and yellows and oranges and golds. O, it was a beautiful sight. Hillsides covered in delicious bright fall colors. gorgeous. The grass was green and so so pretty! What a beautiful day.

The end of this trip meant that we were here. Or there. Which ever you way you look at it. But, still. We were somewhere. The outside of the building looked really nice, pretty, clean, and neat. I was actually a little bit impressed. It's true. After talking with the lady that gave us our keys and such we walked over to our new home. That's when it happened. The sketchy part of it. The door was ... old. not too nice. When we walked in we were greeted by a nosefull stench of mildew, old, mothballs, stale, recycled, and dirty air smell. I'm sure my lungs appreciate that little gift. not. Then we come to another door. Another old door. With an old door knob. Is this even safe. [I forgot to mention that we had to sign our lives away on a little piece of paper saying we were fine with the fact that there might be Lead paint in the apartment. wonderful. not. so obviously this is Not safe.]

Welcome home temporary home. I mean, it's nice enough. If you think that an old scary dark apartment is nice. Mostly dark. Very dark. But hey, that's what the lamp if for right? After lugging our bags inside, we tried to turn on the air. Bad idea. it was broken. Meaning, it blew out HOT air. No thank you. nope. not now. It was 90 degrees inside, the fact that hot air was blowing out of the air was not so happy. wonderful. I couldn't ask for a better start or welcome.

Also, they decided as a welcome gift they would turn off the water. I mean, it worked the first day. And when I say worked I mean, water would come out of the faucet. It would start out warm, then go to cold. After that it would be Scalding. I mean, really. I couldn't even wash my hair without the water changing from warm to freezing to scalding ten times. wonderful. I have a feeling I may be fasting from showers for the next few weeks. kehehe. seriously. Then came the gift of them turning off the water completely. Really? That's just not right. ... but hey... go ahead, it's not like I need water or anything.

But you know, other than that it's all good. I am spending my days in a dark hot waterless cave. joy.

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