Friday, October 29, 2010

they took it

The Fix it men came and took our stove away. It's true. They did. After they tried to fix it they decided that it was dead and that it needed to be taken away. For good. So they pulled it out of it's comfy little corner in the kitchen and totted it out of the apartment.

Now I have no stove and no oven. Perfect. That's really going to take some ingenuity. Cold meals. nice. My favorite. Well, actually, I could probably manage, but the hubs likes to have meat every now and then and I heard it's pretty important to cook the meat before you eat it. So, that would be tricky to do without a stove top or oven, right? Right. It would be. Very difficult. I suppose there is the precooked stuff you can buy, that that's really expensive and I just don't want spend my money on that. ...not that we would have much of a choice. I suppose I should be thankful for grocery stores with ready cooked meat. What a fun two month adventure this will be.

I hope they know they are killing me. I mean, my life is baking. That's what I do. I can't help it. So for them to take away my oven ... well, they should just kill me over dead. That's what. I suppose that could just mean that we have to eat really fresh foods. Lots of fruits, veggies, and precooked stuff. Like what they have at restaurants and such.

Thankfully Jesus knows that I would really probably die of not being able to cook let alone bake anything that ten minutes later the Fix it men came back with another over with a different stove and said it was mine to keep. for two weeks. Then I really will get a new one all of my own. Isn't that just the best?

Now the challenge is what do I fix for dinner when I have a very limited supply of food stuffs: spices, baking dishes, pots, and other such stuff. Ideas? they would be most welcome.

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Anonymous said...

salads are wonderful! and just so you and hubs could have some meat, you could mix in a some cut-up bologna, sausage, or some other pre-cooked meat. And it's healthy, too.

And for your baking urges, get an Easy-bake Oven. Cheap and you can even eat what you bake!!