Monday, October 4, 2010

The Cake

Today the hubs and I have been married for two whole years. Crazy. I feel like that is a Lifetime. I mean, really that's a pretty long time. Two years. That's more than I've really stuck with anything. ever. in my whole long life. shame really. But true. So anyway. We got hitched two years ago today. For some reason thinking about that day makes me happy. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. I was getting hitched!

2. My whole big entire family was together. All of my brothers and sisters were there. We were all together. The last time we had been together was Christmas in 1997 (I think). That was a really long time ago. So for us to all be in the same spot at the same time was really something very wonderful. So happy. Probably one of my favorites parts about having a wedding was seeing all of my brothers and sisters. Also, my grandparents came and a bunch of aunts and uncles. More of my family was together that day then they had been in a very long time. It was just so wonderful. really. it was.

d. I got to wear a really pretty and beautiful white dress. O, it was sooo pretty! I felt like a bride in it.

f. Lots of other friends and family and even people I didn't know were there.

4. The day was simply beautiful!

5. I was able to say I had two more sisters and even more family!

j. It was the day I got to start spending the rest of my life with my very bestest friend.

10. and that's starting to get a little mushy, so I'll just stop there.

But, it really was a happy day full of fond memories and such. I think one of the best memories, would be the cake, or lack there of. You see, we ordered a cake. A very yummy cake. O, it was an amazingly delicious cake. There was going to be carrot, pineapple, and strawberry. Lots of cake. Pretty cake. Yummy cake. It was one of those things that we decided needed to be at the wedding, regardless of the price (wedding cakes are expensive!). So we got one. We ordered the cake. When we ordered the cake I told the man the address and the time that the cake needed to be there. He said, "Fine. No problem!" Three days before the wedding I called to confirm my order, the time, and the place. Again, he said, "Fine. No problem! We will be there."

Well, come Saturday at 1:47 pm (13 minutes before the ceremony starts), I see the Fan-say (obviously he's not my hubs at the time so I can't call him the hubs, he was still my Fan-say, you know, the guy I was engaged to be married to. In 13 minutes!) and he looks very distracted and very secretive. Like he is hiding something. Let me just tell you, 13 minutes before you are going to walk down the aisle is NOT the time to hide something from your soon to be life long pal. ya know? So I says to Fan-say, "What's wrong, Fan-say? You look suspicious."
"Huh? me? Wrong? Nothing. No. Nothing's wrong," he stutters as he is running out of the room to escape what he thinks will be my wrath. Obviously Something is Very wrong. Not good.

"What's wrong?" I ask again chasing him into the next room.

"Nothing," he looks at me. I stare back at him till his eyeballs are dry.

"Tell me. I don't care. I just want to know!" I demand. It is after all MY day and if I want someone to say something or do something, they must. Right? Right. Yes. my day. Everyone will do as I say!!! hahaha. not really. but you know. I wanted him to tell me. So he did... not...

"Well, I just don't want to upset you and it's almost time to start and .... " he doesn't tell me.

"What already?! Just tell me! It's ok. I promise I won't get mad."

"Promise?" Fan-say looks a little scared.

"Yes, I promise, tell me already!" this is taking entirely far too long. I just want him to spit it out already. ... I notice all of the groomsmen sheepishly backing out of the room at this point. They also look a little scared. huh. Could it really be that bad?

"Well, ok," he inhales. "The cake's not here," he quickly spits out while he takes a step back. Why I wonder does he take a step back? huh? I mean, does he think I'm going to hit him? Does he think I'm going to go crazy cause the cake isn't here even though it was supposed to be here two hours ago?! probably.

"Oh. Ok," I chirp.

"That's it?" he looks at me incredulously.

"What do you mean that's it? Yes. That's it," and say. "I mean, what can we do about it now? Nothing. Don't worry about it." I think he's a little shocked and surprised that I just said that and that I am entirely calm about it because Fan-say starts to say...

"Well, it's really all under control. Really. The ladies downstairs have your phone" [really? when did he give my phone away?] "and his number and they are calling him and it will be here before the reception starts. That's what he said when we talked to him."

"Ok." And that was that. We skipped away and down the aisle and got ourselves hitched. Except that wasn't really it. About the cake at least. Nope. No. None. Not. No. You see, the cake was still Not there when we walked downstairs for the reception. No cake. Not even a little cupcake. Not even any icing. And the cake wasn't there as lots of people were leaving. And the cake wasn't there to cut and eat. There was no cake.

Then he came. Cake Pants arrived. 5 hours late. He opens the door and comes in with a very pretty cake. Of course everyone in the room starts cheering. The cake is finally here and we can eat it now. Sheesh. The cake was yummy. very much so. it's a shame it got there so terribly late.

I found out later that when Cake Pants went into the kitchen the ladies that were helping in there gave him a licking. They chewed him inside out, telling him he should be ashamed of himself for ruining my day. I like them. He did not care. I bet he did care when we didn't pay him a dime, not even a penny for the cake. Of course we weren't about to pay for a cake that we didn't really even get to enjoy. We were going to hold up our end of the deal and pay him, he failed to do his part. Severely failed. So much so that we even got our deposit back. So really, I was just fine with Cake Pants pretending to get lost and arriving 7 hours late with our cake. Free for us. Bad for him. O well. His loss. Our gain.

But yes. I like to think about that day. It was nice and fun and happy. I think that's all I have to say about that.

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L-Dizzle said...

I think there is one other thing that you can add to that list of your favorite wedding days memory... if you know what I mean. ;)

Jillian (& Travis too!) said...

Congrats on your guys' 2nd anniversary! So glad to have you both as friends!

Anonymous said...

that was an amazing day. congrats on making it 2 years. Many more blessings to come.