Thursday, October 7, 2010

killed over dead.

Today I drove myself to my doom. It's true. I did. It's probably one of the dumbest things I've done in a while. The whole way there I kept thinking, "I am headed to my doom. Turn around and go back home. Now." But I didn't. I kept on driving. To my doom. Why would I do that? What would possess me to willingly take myself to the pits of despair? I really wish I knew. But I don't. The whole way there I kept trying to figure out what had taken possession of me and what was making me to do such the unthinkable. The unfathomable. The most dreadful thing in the world. ever.

I ran. For real. I did. I do not run. I don't. I never have. Well, that's not entirely true. I ran once. Or well, a few times but it only lasted a few months. You see, it was for a class I was taking in college. My Heart Heathy class. My homework was to run. The class activity was to run. Run, run, run. You can catch me, I am the s-l-o-w-e-s-t runner on the face of this earth. seriously. It's true. However in my class, way back when, I made the most improvement on my mile. I knocked lots and lots of minutes off of my mile, the first one I ran took me three hours to run. When I say run I really probably really mean walk... maybe a speed walk. But by the end of class I could run a mile faster than you could blink your eye. well... that might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but I really did make a huge improvement. That is true.

But until today I had not run in ten years... or something ... So I really don't know what possessed me. It's a mystery. I can think of a few reasons but I'm not really sure if it's any one of those. It may be a combination of all of them...

1. I told the hubs the other night that I wanted to run in a mini marathon (or some such something). He laughed and said, "you know, you have to run to run in a marathon." I do not understand why he was so negative about my idea. I mean, it's not like I'm not capable of running. I just chose not to. That's all. He was thankful for the laugh though. Any time.

c. Which makes me think of something else... the hubs laughing that is. Apparently I've been pretty funny lately. You see I also told the hubs I got a sub job. The teacher called me up and asked me to sub for him. Of course I took the job. Who cares who or what I will be teaching. Now, I don't know if you remember this or not, but I'm pretty sure you know just how well math and I get along. We don't. I barely made it though Geometry, let alone Algebra. O, the nightmares I still have from those classes. It was really truly dreadful. Really really. The hubs knows how I love math (not at all) and how great I am at it (again, not in the slightest). So, when I told him I would be subbing Calculus he pretty much died. "YOU?! Teach Calculus! You're kidding, right?" Nope. Not in the least. Apparently I am quite the math teacher these days. The hubs is still recovering from this bit of shocking news. I'm quite prepared. I know what I will tell those kids (really huge kids), I will say to them, "If you have Any questions at all, DON'T ask me. I will NOT be able to help you. You know far more about this than I ever have or I ever will. So, just do your work and do your best. I can't help you. Also, if I see your iphone I'm gonna take it!" ha. I bet they like that. not. or maybe. who knows. I won't until after I teach the Calculus. How wonderfully exciting.

So. Yes. Running. That's what I did. Today. For 33 whole long minutes. I realized I had muscles I didn't even know existed. For true. Like, apparently there are muscles in my calves. Who knew?! Not me. That's for sure. Till now, and I kind of wish I didn't. eh, oh well. I am starting now so I will be able to run in a mini marathon or some other short race... one day... maybe. But, probably not. But, maybe. I mean, really, you never know. It could happen.

4. The hubs is getting new shoes. His are all worn out and down and he needs to get new ones. I like getting new shoes, so maybe if I run mine out, I will be able to get some new shoes like the hubs. That would be nice. Yes, I think that may be a secret reason I may start running.

5. O. Also, if I run, a lot. I could get some new clothes too. I got to get a treat at the store the other day (just for being a great wifey!) and I got a pair of super cute work out pants. I figured, if I got some cute ones, I would be more likely to work out. It's definitely more fun to exercise if you have cute clothes to do it in. And the only way I can get another pair of cute work out pants is if I keep working out, a lot. So, that just might be another factor. I just want another pair of cute work out pants. Yes. That is why I'm running. How incredibly shallow of me. Seriously. very shallow. eh, that's ok, I might get healthy along my shallow way...

h. My big sister has started running and she makes it sound so exciting! Since there is narry an exciting thing going on in my life I thought maybe running would spice it up a little (that or kill me over dead. Which pretty much happened today. It's true. I finished running and then I about fell over. I do know that I stopped breathing for a while, so that can't be good, but I'm fine now. Really. But man... it's pretty miserable not being able to breathe!).

Yes. my reasons for running. Wonderful. Great reasons. Maybe. ...I wonder if those reasons will actually keep me running... ask me in a week. Or two, or in a month. You could ask me in a month how I'm doing. yes. yes. do that. ask me. Or not. it's just whatever. you know. ok.

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kelseylynae said...

Oh I feel the same way as you. It is DREADFUL to run.

But best of luck.

My roommate and I would work out in college and we had to get "dressed up" to do. We had specific workout clothes and would do our hair up like the crazy ladies in the videos. So I totally get the workout outfits :)