Wednesday, February 27, 2013

bilirubin levels

Goodness gracious. I feel like all we do these days is go to the doctor. Well, maybe not all we do, but we certainly making frequent trips these days. This morning Emerson and I went back to the doctor for his follow up appointment. He gained four whole ounces since Monday and weighed in at 7.11 this morning. Thankfully his bilirubin levels went down from 13 to 11, unfortunately they didn't go down low enough for the doctor's liking and we have to go back next week for another follow up appointment. Please pray that his levels are low low low, like a 2 or non-existent would be even better. I'm glad his levels went down; but it still was not the news I wanted to hear, as I was hoping he would be completely better. The doctor did say I could just supplement with formula here and there, well, she really said every other feeding try and do formula, but that's just not happening. I think she realized that as she was talking to me and said that at least 2 to 3 feedings during the day would help and I could nurse all night. She was really sweet about everything and told me not to stress out about the formula thing and that I could go back to nursing. I am praying that when we go back next week that we can say good-bye to the formula and nurse exclusively for the rest of the year. It has been so stressful giving formula and it has been so much messier too. It is awful. I'm just thankful we don't have to feed him exclusively formula any more.

Anyhow. I'm going to go hold my sweet baby boy now.

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