Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy day of love and hearts

Today is Valentine's day! Though I'm sure you are all aware of that lovely little fact. I get to spend today with my new little Valentine, I couldn't ask for a sweeter Valentine! I think we'll spend the day taking naps, reading a little bit, and doing a little bit of light house work. We won't work too hard though :) Tonight I think we might go out with Hubs for some dinner. I think it's the perfect day!

Speaking of days I'm trying to figure out how to get a little bit of order in mine. I feel like there has been very little structure in my day(s) since Emerson's birth apart from feeding him every three hours. This is fine, but I'm just trying to think of a few other things I could (should) do and when a good time to do them would be. So much to figure out! Any stay at home mommies have suggestions, ideas, or things that work for you? I'm sure we will get into more of a schedule when things return to "normal". "Normal" meaning: I can carrying the laundry baskets full of clothes around the house, people aren't bringing us dinner every night (which I love by the way) and I am having to cook for us again, going to the grocery store, doing other errands, and such. I guess I'm ready to get into a routine of sorts. What it will that will look like I'm just not sure. I'll let you know once (if) I establish a routine of sorts :)

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kelseylynae said...

I know how you feel- being home without structure [or BELLS to dictate the day] was difficult for me at first.

I would say…don't worry too much about it until Emerson is on a pretty set routine. For Blythe I felt like things [and nursing] really leveled out around 3 months. I no longer had to take naps during day because she was sleeping through night, so I could get things done while she napped.

Now I have a loose schedule that looks something like this: Monday- bathrooms and meal planning; Tuesday- laundry [I make myself wash, dry, AND put away! eek], Wednesday- floors [vacuum and sweep where needed], Thursday- dusting, Friday- balance checkbbok and check budget, and anything I didn't get to throughout week. I wipe down kitchen and keep up with dishes daily. This leave Saturday and Sundays with Brent open, or lets me do a deep cleaning item or special project. And the beauty of this is it is all totally flexible and can be thrown out the window if I just want to go for a walk with Blythe or have coffee with a friend.

AND…all this makes me wish we lived as close as we once did. How fun would it be?!