Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy National Pig Day :)

I think I used to appreciate Fridays a little more than I do now. Mostly due to the fact that all of my days seem to run together now. I hardly ever know what day of the week it is and what the days date it. Something that I was always incredibly aware of when I was teaching. But today it was easy to remember that it was Friday because 1. the doctor called me the other day reminding me of my appointment on Friday (the next day) and 2. it is National Pig Day. It's true. And I love me some cute little piggies. It's true. I've talked about this before. What a great day!!

This morning I had my 6 week postpartum check up and all was good. The doctor said everything looked good and that I could resume all of my normal activities again. The thing I am most looking forward to is going back to Zumba. There is an amazing Zumba class that I regularly went to before I was pregnant, I am very excited to go back. And I think that it's crazy that I just admitted I was excited about the thought of exercising again. Too bad my two Zumba buddies won't be able to go with me... one moved away and the other one is pregnant. I guess I'll just go by my lonesome :) Another reason I might be a little excited about going to Zumba is so I can really start working on getting rid of the baby weight I acquired while pregnant. Though I am very excited today because I put my regular non-maternity jeans on this morning and they fit. It is an amazing feeling to be wearing regular pants again :) I love my jeans.

I also love this Boba wrap one of my friends got for me. It is simply ah-mazing. I love that I can hold Emerson and still have the use of both of my hands :) This will be especially helpful when I have no one here helping me any more and I have to do everything on my own.

I also love these little shoes. Emerson needs them. He told me so. And right now they Zulilly is having a super sale on them. I'm just not sure what size or which color I should get for the little guy... thoughts?

aren't they the cutest little shoes you've ever seen in your whole life?! 

Oh, and this is pretty awesome too. I always use ziplocks to store the opened bacon, but this is just too cute that I have to get it :)

What a cute and practical little bacon saver

Happy National Pig Day to you! 

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kelseylynae said...

Been thinking of you guys. Hopefully the levels have leveled out some and that breastfeeding is going well.

It's so funny how every experience is so different- as you know BFing was so hard for me, that at times I prayed B's pediatrician would tell me I had to stop and use formula ;)!

I think I'll go eat some bacon now!!!!

Callie Nicole said...

Those shoes are adorable!

Mpierce said...

Miss you as a Zumba friend too Hannah! I just finally found a place in Milwaukee and have some friends from work going too. But it's just not the same...

My prayers are with you and baby Emerson daily. Hope you're enjoying the time with your little guy :)