Friday, February 8, 2013

baby shower number two

So, I had put this post together a while ago but for some reason didn't get it posted right away... I think it was because the little guy decided to make an early appearance :)

We have been so blessed by friends and family! Everyone truly showered their love on us and Emerson. Here are a few pictures from the shower the ladies at Hubs' church threw for us. 
Our little family one week before Emerson made his arrival! 
We thought we still had a few weeks to go... 

the lovely hostesses

like I said before, we were blessed! 

We got everything we needed and more at the shower. 

Hubs' family

One of my sisters and her daughter were able to come to the shower 

the ADORABLE cake that was made for the special occasion.
props to Lauren for getting the cake :) 

It was too stinkin' cute I didn't want to cut the cake or eat it. 
not only was it adorable, it was also quite tasty :)  

cute little center pieces. Little diaper cakes with different toppers:
 some were trees, bees, owls... 

It was a really beautiful shower and we are so thankful to have such wonderful and thoughtful friends and family. We really did get everything we could have needed and then some at the shower... all just in time too. But more on that later when I share pictures of Emerson's room :) 

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