Wednesday, February 13, 2013

some random thoughts

So, I think our computer just died. That or Hubs did something to it so I wouldn't be able to turn it on. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't do that though. I'm really hoping our computer isn't really dead. I have years worth of pictures on there and don't have the pictures backed up any where else, whoops. Is it ironic that I have been thinking that I need to back those pictures up for a while now... But especially since Emerson was born. We also have other important stuff on there, but right now I'm just thinking about the pictures for some reason :) 

My sister came all the way from Minnesota to visit and help us out for a few days this past week. It was so good to see her! We all enjoyed her visit. Too bad she doesn't live closer... I would share some pictures, but our computer is broken right now.

Emerson went four and a half hours between feelings last night! Holy moly! Granted his Grammy was holding him, but still! I welcome the sleep :) 

We have amazing friends and family! They have helped so much with so many things: bringing meals, holding Baby Boy so we can sleep, cleaning our house, doing laundry, taking Puppy outside because I can't, washing dishes... all kinds of things. We are very blessed! 

Anyhow, dinner is ready (thank you Sarah!) and Emerson is sleeping (for the moment, I bet as soon as I start eating he will wake up to eat .... little stinker....) 

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