Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Emerson's Nursery

I'm not one with a keen eye for fancy decorating or anything like that, so as much as I think it would have been fun to imagine a whole room full of unique things, my brain just doesn't work that way. Thankfully bedding sets and matching decorations are sold for people like me. When we found out we were having a boy I knew right way the theme that I wanted for his room and I scoured the internet looking for the perfect bedding and decorations. I was so happy I was able to find exactly what I was wanted. It is perfect, I love every bit of his room and decorations, even if it's not a Hannah original. It's better than anything I could have cooked up on my own.

During the whole pregnancy, especially once I found out we were having a boy, I wanted to get his nursery done. Thankfully we already had blue walls so we didn't need to paint. But I knew there was a lot more to getting a nursery ready than just painting the walls. The Hubs and I decided we would wait until after our baby showers and then, depending on what we got or didn't get, we would order/buy anything we needed to for his nursery. It killed me to wait seven months before we started putting his room together. Yes, we had cleaned it out and moved everything that was previously in the room downstairs but that was about it. I just wanted his room done. 

After our second shower on Saturday January 12, we had pretty much everything we needed for him and his room. There were a few things still missing. So on Sunday after church we went to Target and Babies R Us and made some exchanges and bought the last few things we needed, including the big thing on the list: his crib. Thankfully Babies R Us had the one we wanted in stock and we took it home that day. Hubs spent Sunday afternoon putting the crib together and I washed some of Emerson's new things. 

Late Monday morning, the 14th of January, I had a doctor's appointment. Thankfully I was able to spend the rest of the day finishing working on the nursery. It put my mind at ease knowing it was pretty much all done. It was all I had thought about at school that morning. We had a bed, a fluffy marshmallow rocker, a dresser/changing table, a hamper, a bookshelf, and a little side table. I loved spending Monday giving all of Emerson's things a new home and cleaning his room. 

When Hubs got home that night he was so excited to see Emerson's room all finished. Though there was one minor concern. On one of the walls there were some spots the precious owners had puttied  over. Little white spots that did not look so nice. This really bothered us so we talked about how we could fix it. We talked about painting the wall so it would be an accent wall, but we both knew how we were with picking paint colors and decorating things, horrible. Also, I didn't want to wait for a wall of paint to dry. I wanted Emerson's room to be finished as soon as possible. It needed to be ready for him! Being the genius that I am I remembered I had registered for some adorable wall decals that matched Emerson's bedding. This seemed like the best solution. We would get decorations and have a way to cover up the little spots on the wall. I ordered the decals that night and we both anxiously waited for them to come in the mail. 

Thursday the 17th I came home from school to find the decals on my doorstep. We decided to wait until we had some time on Saturday to put them up. Saturday morning, January 19th, we spent an hour or so cutting out the decals and taping them to the wall to make sure they were in the perfect spot. Once it looked perfect we stuck the stickers to the walls and finished his room. His room was complete. We showed the finished room to Hubs' parents that afternoon and then to some friends on Sunday evening, January 20th, when they were at our house for Small Group.

After our friends went home and I was ready for bed I went into Emerson's nursery, sat in the fluffy marshmallow, hugged my belly, and said, "Ok, Emerson. We are ready for you. You come whenever you want. We can't wait to see you and love you and kiss you and hug you!!"

Six hours later my water broke. Five hours after that I was holding my sweet little Emerson. 

how about that?

Now, with no further delay, let's go on a little tour, shall we?  

This is what you see when you stand in the doorway of his room.

I am in LOVE with his rocker. It is a giant fluffy marshmallow. Seriously. 
We have already spent many nights in the marshmallow rocker. 

the closet... 

we have been blessed and have a stock pile of diapers waiting for him to fill :)

I love how his room looks! It makes me so happy to be in his nursery. 

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Day By Day said...

Such a sweet nursery. And your chair looks sooo comfy!! I'm jealous! I want one and I don't even have a baby!

Katie said...

what a sweet nursery! love the theme, very unique!

Callie Nicole said...

Wow, you finished it in the nick of time! I love the nursery, so cute! We did the same thing with my son's nursery - covered up a patch on the wall that had been puttied with decals. Smart thinkin'. :-)

kelseylynae said...

Very cute. LOVE the chair.

That is such an awesome story too, as I had a very similar experience. The week she was born I worked like a maniac trying to get sub plans done. I was due the 28th, a Wednesday, but I wanted to have everything for the year done from the 26th [Monday] on. I finally got them done on Friday, the 23rd. I sat back in my desk chair, placed my hands on my belly, and told Blythe that I was ready for her, and she could come out any time after that day. At 11:12 that night, I held her in my arms.


Hopefully this is a sign that both Emerson and Blythe will be obedient