Thursday, December 23, 2010

Welcome Home Sweet Home

Thankfully I managed to gracefully munch on my soup and bread while the hubs was driving us home sweet home. Thankfully the trip was grand and passed by kind of quickly. Thankfully we made it home that night.

On the way home we talked about stopping and staying with some buddies in good ol' West Virginia, but decided that we just wanted to get on home. It was only a few more hours so we went for it. After stopping at a McDonalds and eating our packed lunch of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (for me), a meat deluxe sandwich (for the hubs), and some chips. Yes, we really are that cheap. Taking our own food into a place that sells food. Yep.

Anyhow we made it home and it was Wonderful! I love our home. It's simply wonderful, probably mostly because it is ours and home and just you know, home.

The hubs pulled into the dark drive and we grabbed some goods to haul inside. Naturally of course. But only a few of the most important things that we would need for the night. Toothpaste. Toothbrushes. Pjs. You know. Little did we know what was about to happen.

No. We did not. We did not know that the water in the upstairs bathtub was trickling. We did not know that the bathtub was slowly filling up with water. No. We did not know this. The hubs rushed up the steps and thought that maybe the water had just been left on (for the whole time we'd been gone?! Not a pretty water bill) and touched the knob to turn the water off. At which point the knob popped off and water started Gushing out. Wonderful. Curses. The hubs made a few calls to some smart people (his pops) and then tried opening the water thingy in the ground to turn off the water supply. It didn't open. The tub was quickly filling with water. I was running around gathering up all of our buckets and big bowls, just in case we needed them. After an eternity of the hubs fooling with the water thingy in the ground he made a call. To the Fire Department.

That's when the Firemen came to our house. At 1:22 in the morning. In 20* weather. After a 10 hour drive. They came with their lights blaring and sirens screaming. They came with their big fancy tools. They came in their heavy fire clothes. They came and saved us. Thank Jesus for wonderful Firemen. After another eternity passed they turned the water off. Just in time too, the tub was getting pretty full. Thank you Firemen.

And we had no water. After a 10 hour drive. After being outside and fiddling with dirty outside things. After drinking lots of caffeine. I could feel my teeth rotting. I could feel the dirt sticking to my skin. I could feel my slimy hands. ugh. I think I have never used so my anti-bacterial hand sanitizer at one time in my life. And I couldn't sleep. 1. Because I was nasty gross dirty. 2. Because I was paranoid our house was going to collapse from water damage. 3. Because I was worried a plumber wouldn't be able to come in the morning. brother.

Thankfully the hubs is a genius and thought of a great solution. I thought about calling every single person I knew in the whole city (not that many) and begging them to let me come take a shower or at least just wash my hands at their house. But the hubs' idea was better. We would go to the church, work out (for 5 minutes: so not really work out), and then take showers there. That is why I married him : )

O, I am so thankful for working running water. I love washing my hands with soap and water. What a treat it is. What a treat.

Welcome home hubs and cupcake, as a welcome home present you will get broken water pipes and a flooded house. Merry Christmas!

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