Wednesday, December 15, 2010

he got kilt there

I have noticed that there are no interesting people up here. No. There aren't. At least not like there were this summer in Sunny Land. There are no people hanging out in the town square, no people coming and making speeches about how Aqua Man is going to end the world, no people wearing moon boots. No. There's none of that up here. I suppose there could be and I just haven't met any of them as there is no town square to go to. That would probably be because I have been being as lazy as is humanly possible, and also because, well, let's face it, there aren't very many interesting people up in these parts.

So to add some pizzazz (that is a word) to our lives the hubs gave me an early Christmas present. Very sweet and loverly, and probably no big thing to most people, but I'm a little bit weird. I HATE getting Christmas presents (or birthday presents) early. I choose to wait until it is actually Christmas day (or my Birthday day) to open any presents or cards I get. I just put the presents under the tree and admire them, along with the tree trimmings, until Christmas morning comes and I can open them. The hubs has told me I have a lot of self control ... he always tries to open up his presents early, I won't allow it. I won't stand for it. It is simply unpermitable. But he has learned that opening your presents on the real day is much more fun and satisfying. It's true. Anyhow... I didn't want to open the present early. But he insisted. He actually said, "No, I insist. You have too." So I did. I reluctantly took the little present from his hand and opened it. And there, in my hand, were two tickets to see "A Christmas Carol" at Ford's Theater (and yes, that is the famous one where President Lincoln was killed). The play was for Sunday, it was Saturday, I suppose it was good I opened that present early, it would have been very wasteful if I hadn't (and I hate being wasteful even more than I hate opening presents early ... kind of...) Anyhow. We went to the play.

And that's how our everyday ordinariness was pizzazzed up. We went up to the city and walked around in one of the many museums they have up there. Obviously some of it I found to be more interesting that some stuff ... and other things I found to be super neat-o. We went to a science part of the museum, I finished walking around in about 15-20 minutes (and that's with reading some of the bazillions of tags and labels they have on everything). While I was walking around I was aware that the hubs was lingering on something I had walked past already, but after walking through another part of the museum, I decided I should go back and look for him, and there he was, half way through. I love how smart he is. I do. Really. But when I saw him reading and listening and looking at all of the smart science stuff I felt kinda dumb which in turn made me admire him more. Anyway... we wandered and looked and ooed and aaed and then we went to see our play.

Now, the play is not only sweet and thoughtful of the hubs because it's a Christmas play, or because it was at Ford's Theater. But it was a memory. You see, the hubs gave me tickets to see "A Christmas Carol" for Christmas three years ago, after which he purposed. ...I'd go into all of the wonderfully sweet details, but I will save that for another day. He's just the sweetest hubs.

We went back to the museums and looked around some more, and we also went and saw the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, the White House, the Washington Monument, and other equally important sites. Then we decided that we were done walking around and visiting all of the important things we felt obligated to see. We also decided that we had a lot more fun exploring Lake Tahoe and Yosemite this summer... there was something that was just more exciting and fresh about it. I feel like a bad person to say it, but I really don't think walking around and seeing all of the museums and monuments is my kind of fun. I feel like it's something I need to do, since we are here after all. The hubs and I talked about going to a few other very important places around to visit them, and I said, "You know, I came here about 12 years ago (wow that makes me feel really really old) and I'd have to say it's all still really fresh." The hubs said the same thing (maybe we were here 12 years ago at the same time and never knew it! ... or maybe not. either way, it was still fresh enough in both of our minds that we got on the train and went to have some dinner.

o yes. the sights. the sounds. ... and I am ready to be home, to see my own happy cozy comfy sights, sounds, and smells. soon. soon.

The hubs and I went to Ford's Theater on the weekend. We also went to some museums and such.

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