Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Things I have done...

During this, my last class of the semester I decided I would post a blog about everything I have done during my classes this past year, while I am in class : ) o the wonders of taking online classes.

1. Posted a blog.

2. Chatted with my Mumsy and Papa

3. Chatted with my bruter.

4. Watched a show.

5. Talked to my sister.

6. Posted a blog about what I've done during class.

7. Talked to the hubs.

8. Brushed my teeth.

9. Made a comment in the class discussion.

10. Checked my email.

11. Checked my Facebook.

12. Written emails.

13. Uploaded pictures to Facebook.

14. Flossed my teeth.

15. Played with my puppy.

16. Watched Glee.

17. Became a little bit addicted to Glee.

18. Brushed my hair.

19. Listened to sweet tunes.

20. Watched movies.

21. Said a comment in the class discussion.

22. Read a book.

23. Trimmed my finger nails.

24. Painted my finger nails.

25. Painted my toe nails.

26. Gone downstairs and gotten water.

27. Paid bills.

28. Written cards.

29. Read the class discussion.

30. Tweaked homework assignments.

31. Eaten dinner.

32. Admired my Christmas Tree.

33. Sipped hot cocoa.

34. I did Not drive to Taco Bell and come back (I say that because one of my classmates actually did that once! ha!)

35. Written a grocery list.

36. Looked up recipes.

37. Read blogs.

38. Paid attention to class discussion.

39. Written out my Christmas Wish List (if you'd like a copy I'd be happy to share it with you : )

40. Crocheted an afghan (part of one, that is).

41. Baked bread.

...and that's all I can think of for now. Now, don't get me wrong, I have paid attention to the class discussion, and I have even made presentations. These are just things I've done because I am able to multi-task so well. I have also turned in all of my homeworks, on time, and have been able to maintain the highest GPA I have ever had. Ever.

And now is my Christmas break. I am going to enjoy the dickens out of it : )


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