Wednesday, December 8, 2010

5 away ... almost there

I only have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 assignments left to do. Then I am done. I mean, done. Finished. No more. I will have nothing school like to do from now on, unless you consider student teaching school like (which I don't for the obvious reason that I will actually be at school and so that is hardly schoolish, know what I mean? right. I thought you would).

With the remaining assignments, I know exactly how long each one will take me to complete and so I am putting it off for that much longer. Don't worry, I won't wait until the last minute to get them done and turned in, I want the luxury of submitting my work early (before it is most absolutely due) so I can sit back and twiddle my thumbs and say, "I really have nothing to do." And it will be wonderful and I just might even do a little jig.

It's really quite exciting, the prospect of finishing up with my last class. I had forgotten what a wonderful feeling it was to finish something up. ...well, school I mean. Cause I've finished lots of things since I've graduated: an afghan, job applications, baby booties, house cleaning (although is that really ever done? I think not), making dinner, bread baking, baking cookies, candy making, eating all of the above mentioned yummies, walks, 3 mile runs (crazy, but true), and even a second afghan. Now, these aren't the only things I've completed, I've done lots of other things, but you get the gist of it right? I've done a few things with my days.

But it will be exciting and wonderful to be done being a student! O how I dislike school. It's a good thing I decided I wanted to be a teacher then huh? I know. pretty smart on my part, I'd have to say. but, eh, what can I do about that? nothin. I'll just keep baking my bread on the side and it will all even out. Maybe one day I can teach someone to bake some yummy bread, that would be the best of both worlds. see, I was going to be a baker (a professional one) but then I decided to be a teacher. It was a toss up. Well, not really, but I do love both. A lot. So that is good.

Though, I will have to say I miss baking. I haven't done it in Forever! I'm even tempted to buy the bread kits at the store just so I can say I kind of baked something... but when I pick it up to put in my cart to buy I realize that I don't have any bread pans. So... that won't really work. I put it back and try to humm a cheery tune and forget about the wonders of baking.

I have been enjoying days filled of crocheting. I was going crazy at it too. ...until the puppy learned how to jump on the couch. And even though I tell him no and push him off, he bounces right back up. Eventually I relent and he stays on the couch. And really, I don't mind him being on the couch (especially since he has learned that it is not ok to chew my arm off) cause he will sleep or nibble on his bone. But, and here's the kicker... if I were to have my bag full of yarn up on the couch... ya, there's a sight I don't want to see. For a few reasons: 1. my sweet granny squares would be no longer. 2. the yarn would be no longer usable. 3. the living room would look like it was tee-peed only, it would be impossible to salvage my pretty blues and greens and oranges... yarn, that is. So far I haven't figured out a way to crochet in peace yet. ...if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear em : )

So anyhow. My homework. I don't want to do it. It's what I should have been doing the whole time I've been going on and on about how I despise school ... but like a good student, I was procrastinating : ) kehehe... or maybe that's not a good student. At least I will understand my students procrastination.

alrighty. I'm gonna go bake. a boxed pizza. o yes.

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Anonymous said...

I will be "jiggin" with you when the final one is turned in. I did a "jig' today on a dreaded task and it was such GREAT feeling to get it right and get it over with.
luv u