Monday, December 6, 2010

four plates

I've been trying to think of some wonderful dinner foods. ... ones that I don't fix on a weekly basis, you know noodles, tacos, and the like. I've cooked up a few new things, but am feeling a little bit constricted by the foods and cooking tools that I have (or rather don't have) available to me at the moment. It's probably not really helping that I've been watching the Food Network off and on a lot lately and it just makes me want to fix stuff. And I can't really do that. shame really.

So far I've thought of: noodles, tacos, pizza, and hot dogs. O, I need me something new to fix. Sometimes I want to just throw a bunch of this and a little of that, pop it in the oven and see what comes out. But I can't do that, some of us don't like things like that. Which is why I'm on this new recipe mission. It happens occasionally, unfortuantly I feel like it's been happening a lot more frequently up here. I like to think it's because I don't have the joy of using my own kitchen. ...o how I love my kitchen. It has more than four plates and spoons. It has a baking dish and cake pan. It has a sink that is divided so I don't have to fill it with an inch of water when I start washing dishes, and then empty when I only have three more things to wash. ooo.... It also has flour and sugar and mixing bowls and all kinds of useful things. I miss it. I especially miss having more than four plates and bowls. It is so tempting to just buy more plates at the store, if not real ones, paper and plastic ones. And silverware too. But I haven't. Maybe I'm too cheap. Maybe I feel bad for throwing away so much rubbish. Either way... I haven't done it yet, so when I want to eat or fix anything at all, I have to wash all of the dishes first. favorite thing ever. Or maybe not.

so. there it is. I am stumped for dinner. think, think, think...

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