Friday, December 17, 2010

Upstairs Neighbor

We are currently staying in an old apartment building, quaint wouldn't be the right word, neither would nice or modern. Maybe smelly. That could fit, it is always smelly when we walk out of our front door. Never a lovely smell either. Sad, but true. So Old and Smelly. That's where we are (thankfully not for much longer! ah! I am sooooo excited!) for right now.

Anyway ... it's all fine and such. Except for one morning... I was sleeping. The hubs had gone to work and I was napping in bed simply because I can and I decided that since I have nothing pressing I would sleep (I do love it dearly after all). So there I was, in far off dream land, very much enjoying the back of my eyelids. Then I heard it. A creek. A squeak. A groan. ... Someone was in our apartment, standing at my bedroom door, staring at me. I was not prepared for this, no. I was not expecting someone to be in our apartment. I didn't think a strange person could sneak in without the puppy barking in alert, but somehow they did. There was another squeak. I opened my eyes and squinted (as I am blind) to see what I could see.

There was ... no one. Nope. No one was there (thankfully, obviously). Who knows what I would have done if there had been. And I heard it again. Incredibly loud and close. You know what it was? Upstairs neighbors. It's true. The building is so old I can hear every movement of the people above me. Wonderful. It is crazy how close they sound. I mean, it sounds like they are really in our apartment! It the sound you hear when you are at home and in the basement: the footsteps pounding above your head, the creaking of doors, opening and closing of closets... all of it.

I'm just glad that they were the upstairs neighbors. Now that I know what the sound is it no longer creeps me out in the morning (or the rest of the day).

And that's my little adventure for today.

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