Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a letter to myself

Dear Future Hannah,

This letter has been a long time coming. You have told yourself numerous times before that you would write it, but you never did. Naturally I found it was time to intervene and just go ahead and write it for you. You know what this is about, you're just too chicken to write it yourself. Well here it is, the message of this letter: never chop all your hair off again. Just don't. Even if it is for a good cause (donating it to some sweet little girl), you have done it three times already. Now it is time to take care of you. Save yourself months of agony. Do not chop all of your hair off ever again.

I know what you're thinking, "But I like a change, and chopping my hair off is sometimes a nice change." Yes, it may be. However, that nice little change is very short (literally). And it takes months to grow back. You like your long hair. Hubs likes your long hair. If for no other reason, think of him. Don't be selfish, save your marriage, don't chop your hair off.

If you get an inkling of wanting to chop 12 inches of your beautiful locks off again, DON'T DO IT. Read this letter and think, "huh, what good and solid advice that is." Then if you still want a change, buy some lipstick and wear that for a few days (that would probably be an even bigger change considering you never wear the stuff). Go get a manicure (a real one). Bake a cake. Run a mile. And if after all those things you are still thinking about chopping a foot of your hair off, don't.

You could, say, get a trim. Trims are nice and good for you. And they make your hairdresser happy. She's nice, remember? Oh wait. you probably don't because you haven't gone back to see her to have your hair fixed since you asked her to chop it all off a year ago. Trims are nice and they can make your hair feel fresh and new and nice and pretty. All of that with only snipping a mere inch or two off.

And if you are thinking, "but it looks so cute short," or "it's so much easier," just remember: not so much. Sure it may look cute for a little while. But then, since you know you aren't going to keep it short, it has to go through that really awkward length stage where you really can't do anything with. It gets too long to easily and quickly straighten and is still too short to let it be curly without looking like a poof head. And then it will get to the length where you would really like to have a little trim, but you know that even a trim of 1/2 an inch will mean that you can't pull it all back into a ponytail (and you live in ponytails, so you can't do that now can you?).

So just don't. Don't do it. Think back (and look back) on the times when you had luscious long locks and long shiny hair and tell yourself, "I love my long hair so much (even though it can sometimes be irritating) that I will never chop it all off again." Ok? Good.

The shortest you are ever allowed to cut your hair is to right below your shoulder blades. No shorter. Longer is fine (but not too long, you don't want to have hair that goes to your booty), but definitely no shorter.

See? This is good. 

this too. Perfect length. 

here too. 

not this. not so much. 

And there is all the proof you will ever need should you even think about cutting a foot of your hair off. Save yourself. Don't do it. 

K. Good. I'm glad we had this little talk. Just remember this letter was written in love.



2 comment(s):

Samantha Shepherd said...

Oh gosh, I've had this conversation with myself before! I'm sure many women can relate to this!

Dao Pelton said...

I like your hair Hannah. It is long and beautiful. I don't think you should cut it off either ^_^