Friday, July 20, 2012

happy day :]

Today is my happy birthday :) It's been super so far. I've talked to most everyone in my family and gotten lots of sweet messages. People are just so thoughtful these days. Tonight I'm going out for dinner with the hubs and a few friends and then I'm going to drag said friends back to our house so that they can help eat the cake I just had to make. I mean, I can't eat a whole cake by my lonesome, now can I? Maybe I should say, I shouldn't eat a whole cake by my lonesome. Cause, believe me you, I can eat cake. Oh, yes I can.

A few weeks ago the hubs asked me what I wanted for my birthday. And I really kind of drew a blank of all the awesome things I would like. So I gave him a list of practical things. Things I actually need. Oh my dear. Maybe you do that. But typically, I don't. I ask for those kinds of things I just can't bring myself to get. The things that I really want. Like...


this super fabulous bag from Fossil



or this little cutie :)

or these little charms

[can you tell I like Fossil? :]

But no. I did not think to share these gems with the hubs. Why? Why?! Oh, my dear. I suppose practical gifts are nice too. I can't say anything bad about them, if I do get them, because I did list them on the birthday wish list. Next year, I will not let this happen again. A candle. I didn't even say a candle would be nice. What is wrong with me this year?! Someone please help me. i suppose I should have asked for help before it was too late. But, eh. Oh, well. Today is still a nice day. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!! 

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