Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Nice Little Visit

Last weekend we had a long weekend. It was Glorious. It was actually really great for my sick self. Thursday I stayed home. Sick. Oh, and I went to the doctor. She gave me some medicine that gave me some very uncomfortable side effects and allowed me to blow lots of colorful snot out of my nose. I took that as a sign of getting better. I am nearly all better now. Hopefully I stay that way and I don't relapse and get sick again. As it happened last time. The only thing that I am still really suffering from are awful headaches. It's like one big permanent headache. Not so enjoyable, let me tell ya.

Another good thing about the long weekend was that we got to go visit my sister in Ohio. It has been forever since we went up there. Not because it's a long trip, it's not. It's because shortly after visiting her this past summer I got a job. Which was a wonderful blessing and answer to prayer. However, it also left me with no time to breathe. The long weekend provided a chance to breathe and visit. It was loverly.

cuddling with the pup while I'm sick before heading up to my sister's

playing nap time : ) my favorite game

Legos!!! We used to play for days. Only stopping for dinner and bathroom breaks. 
Love me some Legos.

playing Legos with two of my little Ns : 0 

My sister and her baby boy. And Light Saber. 

I just thought this was so sweet. 

cuddling. Not the best of all of us, but the best of the pictures to pick from. 

I love visiting my sisters and their cute kiddos. I'm glad we were able to go up for a little visit and some cuddle time. 

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andrea brionne said...

Looks like a fun getaway :)

Denise said...

What a great little getaway!

ALiS0N ViCT0RiA said...

Thanks for tagging me in your post -- here are my answers :)