Thursday, February 16, 2012

trip to the doctor

I thought I was all better. But, apparently I was wrong. All of the symptoms came back with gusto plus some fun new symptoms. After having a headache for three straight days and sleeping for about three hours last night with a fever, I decided I would call in sick and go to the doctor today.

So I did. And oh, my goodness. It was so nice. I slept all morning, or tried to at least, my head and body ached a lot so it was more tossing and turning with hopes of falling asleep. But still, it was nice to be laying down with a box of tissues next to me in hopes that I could clear some of the congestion that was filling my head. Then I went to the doctor and she fixed me up with some medicines. After picking up the meds I came home and crashed on the couch. I'm pretty sure I slept for five hours straight. And I still feel tired. Though I do feel a little bit better. At least I can breathe easier through my nose. That is always a welcome thing. Hopefully, after taking this round of medication I will be cured and back to my 100% self. It would be nice to be all better.

Thank you Kels, for your advice. It's just so hard to make myself stay home when I know I can function. But I'm glad I finally took a day.

There were some papers and some work things that I probably should have worked on and thought I might be able to work on. But it didn't happen, not after a restless night and little sleep. Plus, like I said, I slept all day today, so obviously that didn't happen. I think I will have to play catch up tomorrow. I am going to go to bed in about an hour and I still have to eat dinner and clean up the kitchen.

I will say this, the Hubs is a sweetheart. He went to work today and even though I've been home all day he insisted on fixing dinner cause I don't feel well. I love that guy : )

I hope you all had a happy day and aren't feeling under the weather. And if you are, I hope you get to feeling better soon!

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Valerie Griffin said...

Aw, feel better! Glad you took off and went to the doctor!