Thursday, March 1, 2012

a little of this and a little of that

Just a few things....

1. I had a loverly surprise today when a guest speaker/survey-er taker came to my room and entertained my students all day long. It was like I had six whole planning periods. It was Glorious. And wonderful. It's amazing how much grading and planning can get done in that amount of time : ) If only it was like that every day...

2. There was a fight today. In my classroom. Two girls decided to go at it. Thankfully(?) it wasn't a physical fight, just a very very verbal one. That continued in the hallway after they were promptly removed from the room. Awesome. Hopefully I had the right reaction and did everything that I was supposed to: scream in their faces and send them to the office ... or something.

3. Um. I really really don't know why, but this had me dying of laugher. I can't even begin to explain it. But every time I look at it I laugh. A lot. Pathetic? Perhaps. But funny just the same.

I don't even keep up with that sort of thing ("reality" t.v.) but my oh my... funny. 

Anyhow. I hope you had great weeks! Which I'm sure you did considering we had a Happy Leap Day this year! But I am excited that tomorrow is Friday!! : ) Have a good one! 

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Denise said...

hahaha funny picture, it made me laugh!