Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart Day

We have never really celebrated Valentine's Day. I mean, sure, sometimes we do something. He has surprised me with sweet gifts before. But it's not something that we really put a lot into.

But I love my hubs so much and I am just so thankful that he is my best friend and supporter and encourager. Looking around and visiting a bunch of blogs today has made me think that so many of us are so very blessed with a dear friend for life. It really is a wonderful blessing, isn't it?

I love you sweetheart! I am blessed beyond measure to have you as my best friend. Thanks for always helping me even if you don't feel like it. Encouraging me when I'm down and gray or don't want to do something. Making me laugh at my ridiculous shenanigans. For setting me straight when I am wrong. For chilling on the couch with me at the end of the day. For just being you. 

Happy Valentine's Day to you all! I hope it was a happy one : )