Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1000 Gifts

I know it's not Monday, but I feel like sharing some more of my 1000 Gifts anyway. It's been too long and my heart is starting to become bitter and grouchy. 

32. A job

33. A sweet and encouraging hubs

34. Birthday presents

35. Baby Showers, pink and purple

36. Going to Church with new friends from Russia

37. Having tea with new friends

38. Drinking tea. period

39. Prayer - that Jesus hears and answers, I would be a real mess without Him

40. Paying off two of my school loans! woot woo

41. Journaling. Seeing the paper slowly fill with words that come out of my hand

42. Puppy kisses

43. Polka dots 

44. A four day school week - two weeks in a row

45. Tears

46. Peanut butter treats with m&ms

47. Fresh tomatoes from the garden

48. Marshmallow flip-flops

49. Bed time

Ok. Now go over to Ann's and link up too (I give you permission to do so even though it's not Monday :)

2 comment(s):

P! said...

Love it. Especially the paying off student loans! You go, girl! Congrats!! I had a Russian roommate and she loved tea... coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. ;p

Amanda said...

love the gifts! yay for paying off student loans :)