Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a little surprise

The other day my supervising teacher from my student teaching days sent me a text asking me if I wanted some books. Well, heck yes I wanted some books. She told me one of the other teachers from my student teaching days had a bunch of books and wanted to know if I wanted some. I did. Yesterday I went over pick them up. I was expecting one box of books. Welcome the best surprise of my life. Ever. Okay, maybe not the best surprise of my life ever, but still it was pretty darn good.

There were three whole big boxes overflowing with books. I about died of happiness. I love books. I love that now I have a pretty nice library for my classroom. bah! I love it! So much so that I stood outside in the extreme heat looking through each box. Looking at each book. Ignoring the fact that I was an afternoon snack for the local mosquito gang. When I got inside I counted 38 bites on my legs and arms, hands and feet. No joke. They itch so much!

Anyhow. That's how much I love books. 38 bug bites worth. Extreme heat worth. Now, I just need a classroom to share them with  : )

Also, I just have to say I have the best supervising teacher ever. And the best teacher friends ever. Oh, I am blessed.

What surprises have you been surprised with lately?

2 comment(s):

P! said...

YAY! What a pleasant surprise! My little surprise lately has been going up to the register at Target, expecting to pay for an item, only to find out that it was drastically marked down on clearance. Score, deals!! :)

Anjelica said...

That's totally exciting! I would be thrilled!