Saturday, August 20, 2011

contacts on my eyeballs

I am such a genius. I know my left from my right.

Or, maybe not.

I got some new contacts this morning. I pulled the boxes out and looked at which was labeled Right and which was labeled Left. I put them on the appropriate sides of the sink.

I put the contact for my left on on the tip of my right finger, the finger I use to put my contacts in regardless of the eye, and after making an "L" with my fingers I stuck the contact in. Then, I put in the Right contact in my other eye.

However, my eyes would not focus. Things were blurry. I took them out and stuck them back in hoping it would help. Then I walked around the house a little bit, squinting my eyes, covering one and then the other. The real trouble came when The Hubs showed me something on the computer and I actually had to focus to read. I couldn't.

Since I was becoming ill from lack of being able to focus I decided to take them out and wear my glasses. I'm not really sure at which point I realized that I had the Left contact in the right eye and the Right contact in the Left eye. I think it must have been right before tripped on my carpet and nearly fell down the stairs because I could see so well with fuzzy eye vision.

After a few hours or so I decided to give my contacts another try. I switched the eyes and wha-la. It's amazing how much better you can see when you have the correct contact in your eye.

You know, in as many years as I have been wearing contacts, which has been too many ... maybe 14 years?! (oh, I am so old) I think today is the first time I mixed the eyes up. whoops. I'm just glad I didn't drive all the way to school with fuzzy vision and get sick half way through the day because of it : )

2 comment(s):

Denise said...

I've never worn contacts but this just sounds awful! Glad you figured it out and didn't fall down the stairs!

P! said...

UGH! I detest contacts and this is just one of the reasons why! But if you need them, you need them- glad ya got it figured out. ;)