Thursday, August 4, 2011

pretty places

I may have mentioned a week or so ago that I have recently discovered the wonder of Pinterest. Now I can see how it can be Incredibly addicting. It's amazing. Really.

Now that I've been looking around a little bit on there I have found a few places I would like to be...

can you say perfect? 

All beautiful and different and wonderful for a completely different reasons. And now you know where I wish I were. See? I've found so many pretty places on Pinterest : ) 

2 comment(s):

Ashley said...

I absolutely LOVE pinterest! I have a board that is just for places I want to go...your places would all fit onto my board!!!!

BTW I am your newest follower! :)

P! said...

Good. Grief. Now you've got me DYING for a vacation. And after the rotten summer we've had here in Minnesota, those look even more amazing!!