Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Menu Planner

For about the past year I have had a little note pad with the days of the week on them. It was the perfect and cutest little menu planner for the week. On the side it had a spot for a grocery list. Amazing. Sadly there were only 52 papers and when I went back to get another menu planner just like it at the store, they didn't have them any more. Sad, but true. So for the past few weeks I have been planning our meals on list paper, which works fine and all, but it's really not the same.

Today I was out and about, which means: I was at Target, I found the perfect solution. Well, the perfect cheap solution. You see I have seen fancy planner thingys at the store before, they have the days of the week, spots for names and all kinds of goodness. They also happen to be a little more than I would care to spend on such an item. Today I was in luck. I wandered back into the back-to-school section of the store and saw a little white board. The packaging said it was magnetic (even though I didn't see magnets on the back of it) and three, no six, dry erase markers came with it. bah! So exciting! And the best part was that it was on sale for very very cheap :D

When I got home I opened the packaging and found the magnets that you could stick on the back if you wanted to. I wanted to. I mean, I needed to stick it to my fridge some how. I was soooooo excited! And then, after I did the taping I actually got to write with the dry erase markers. I have a thing for dry erase markers and boards. ooo. I Love writing on them/with them!! It's pretty much the best thing in the whole entire world. ...good thing I'm a teacher : )

So now I have a permanent solution to my menu planning. It's cheap, it's fun, and it's magnetic. It's also long lasting. Which I like.

I thought about making a little something like this:

Which is so stinkin' adorable and cute and fun and I LOVE it. Every single bit of it. But I decided after looking and thinking it over that I wouldn't have a perfect spot to hang it. Well, I could... but I am cheap, and while this project isn't too pricey, it's a little too pricey for the time being. Maybe after I get a job I can make it... One can dream, right? If you do decide to take the plunge and make this cute little bad boy you really need to tell me and then take pictures of it so that I can envy applaud your effort. For now I'm sticking with my mini white board. 

Anyhow. That made me happy today. The white board and the thought of one day making the darling menu planner board. 


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Amanda said...

I love white boards as well :) I should probably have a menu planner, but I just have no time to put into it lol

P! said...

I love that you plan your meals out. So smart!! I need to start doing that. Especially since my whole day centers around food anyway haha! Very cute board idea. :)