Friday, July 29, 2011

Cake Balls!

Remember the other day when I mentioned that I made Cake Balls? Well, I did. I've made them a few times before and since they are sooo yummy I just had to make them again. So I did. And this time, I think I figured it out. 

They turned out just like I wanted them to. 


Now, you should go and make some for yourself. It's very simple really. 

Get a boxed cake at the store (any kind you want) and get an icing you want to eat with it. Chocolate, strawberry, lemon, confetti. Any at all. Really, it's impossible to go wrong. Cake is good. Icing is better. Any combination of the two has got to be divine! 

Then you:

Bake the cake as the directions say to on the box. Let it cool. 

Break the cake into chucks and in a big bowl mix in the icing.
(don't use the whole thing of the icing though, just most of it : )

Stick the cake in the fridge for a few hours. 

Remove from the fridge and start rolling the cake into little balls. 

After (or while) the cake is rolled up ... 

Melt some candy melts or chocolate chips (white or butterscotch).

One whole bag works pretty well, but I have a second one on hand just in case.

Dip the cake balls into the icing. 
(I have found that the dipping is more successful when you pour the melted 
candy/chocolate into a mug or something). 

Then you get to eat the yumminess you just made!

See?! Simple! Easy peasy! 

oh, they are so good! Now, go make some and then invite me over so I don't have to make more and then eat them all by myself! : ) 


3 comment(s):

P! said...

They look delicious! I am intrigued- thanks for sharing how to make them!! And thanks for the great advice on my post... so glad I have blogger friends to help me out. :)

Aimee said...

These look so divine! holy moly i am going to have to try them one of these days!

MJ said...

Yummy! Those look awesome.

And very purdy :)