Friday, July 15, 2011

I heart tea

It is simply delightful stuff. There is nothing better than a nice and steamy hot mug of tea. I have gone through phases of having different favorite brews. Earl Gray. Apple cinnamon. Peppermint. Chai. They are all Delish. So it's truly impossible to pick just one : )

I had forgotten how much I especially love tea on rainy mornings. Or overcast mornings. Or drizzly days. A whole day of gray skies and rain drops is only a day begging for a nice cup tea. Tis true.

This morning I had a nice hot cup of apple cinnamon tea. And it was raining. Sadly I was fully dressed and ready to go for a little run with my sister and was going to have to wait to finish my tea later. But just in the nick of time as we were putting our shoes on, a huge bolt of lightning struck with a rumble of thunder shortly following. Our run had to be cancelled postponed. Shame really.

Eh, at least I was able to go get all pretty, finish my tea, and enjoy a rainy (and some what stormy) day.

Oh, how I love me some tea : )

Happy sipping!!

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