Friday, July 22, 2011

Last Week

In honor of today being Friday and almost a whole week since I have been at my sister's house, I want to share some of my Minnesotan adventures with y'all.  

This is one of my adorable nephews, he was giving me some Tinker Bell chap-stick. I love his mop of curls! 

Maybe his Mama Papa won't appreciate this, but I just couldn't help myself! He is a stinkin' cutie!  
Remember when I told you we went blueberry picking? We did, and this is one of the "gigantic" berries he picked and promptly popped in his little mouth to enjoy. 

The cute sister pickin' her berries. 

little munchkin!


 lots of berries. 

I would like to take this opportunity to say that it was quite chilly that morning. And it rained. And I was the only one without a jacket. Apparently I just wasn't very prepared. I'm not complaining, just noting to you all that I did not freeze to death while I was picking berries. Actually, it was really the perfect morning to pick berries. Perfect because it was chilly and a little rainy. And that is my favorite kind of morning. I would much rather be chilly than hot. Which do you prefer? 

I never realized that's what I look like when I munch on blueberries. 

my sister with all of her plunder.

my loot ... not too shabby, considering I didn't have any help ; ) 

I just want to eat him up! 

I love this pitcher and these kiddos! 
 [you should try spelling picture like that some time (pitcher), it lifts your spirits immediately. do it, you will thank me later :]

the farm 

chillin', and yes, the bunny is apparently reading a book : ) 

munchin on some of that yummy cake batter frozen yogurt I was tellin you about. I will post a recipe for that here soon, that way you can all enjoy some! 

Anyhoot. I know there were loads of photos, I just couldn't help myself. That's pretty much what I did all last week, hang out with some cuties and pick blueberries. Oh, and shop at The Mall of America : ) it's always a fun time with my sister. I just didn't take any pictures of that outing. 

Happy Friday, y'all! 

3 comment(s):

Amanda said...

I love all the pictures! it's always so much fun picking fresh berries :)

P! said...

YAY! I know sometimes it sucks to live in Minnesota, but other days I'm really glad I do. Adorable post- look at those little nuggets! So sweet. :) Glad you had a good time. Have a great weekend!!

Laura Darling said...

I've never picked fresh berries but it looks like fun! ANd Mall of America? Jealous!