Monday, July 25, 2011

one thousand gifts

I was visiting Bloom the other day and she was talking about how she found a wonderful book, One Thousand Gifts and then she mentioned a challenge... to write down 1000 gifts you have been given. While I still haven't actually gotten my hands on the actual book I am excited to begin this little journey. 

I did go to the book store this weekend and I looked for the book, but sadly they did not have it. Shame. Now I am going to have to look elsewhere. Maybe I should wait to start my thousand gift journey until I get the book, but I'm just so excited and can't wait. Once I get the book and start reading it I will let you know more about it. Then hopefully you will be able to start a list of a thousand gifts.

As I read the book I am going to be linking up with Ann (ooo, I've never linked up for anything before! how exciting!) every Monday for my thousand gifts. I am sure it is going to take me much longer to think of my thousand things than it will for me to read the book. I think this is going to be a wonderful journey and that it is going to make me truly appreciate the gifts I have been blessed with.

So here I go, in no particular order with no particular number. 

1. Rain pitter-pattering on the roof over my head. 

2. Cuddle time with Puppy. 

3. Fresh picked blueberries. 

4. Little chubby sticky fingers and sweaty hugs. 

5. Reading in a quiet room. 

6. Falling asleep to a humming fan on a hot night. 

7. Driving to the airport to pick up a loved one. 

8. Chopping up artichoke hearts and mixing them in with yummy goodness to make Spinach Artichoke Dip. 

9. Cake balls, I finally got it right! [post to come on those cake balls very soon.]

10. Sunday afternoon naps. 

11. Sitting on a porch swing on the perfect fall morning. 

12. My job interview!! 
--- yes, that's right, folks! I have a job interview! It's tomorrow afternoon! I am so wonderfully excited and thankful for this opportunity. I was debating about wether or not I should put that up here because should I not get the job (which I will) I didn't want it to be known publicly that I didn't get the job and am a failure. But then I thought about how I should be honest as I know you all are. And I also know that I would be lifted and surrounded in prayer if I mentioned I had an interview and asked for some extra prayers tomorrow. So I'm sharing my happy news and asking that if you think of me tomorrow afternoon that you would just say a little prayer for me and my job. 

And that's where I'm gonna stop today. Like I said, this is a journey. It's gonna take a little bit to get to 1000. But that is okay with me! Now you should go link up with Ann and try this out for yourself! 


3 comment(s):

HopeUnbroken said...

you won't regret starting your list. and you'll love the book. it's been profoundly impacting. great start to your list! blessings!

Anonymous said...

Of course you are going to get that job, 'cause you are amazing!

P! said...

I love that you are so grateful for so many things. I am totally inspired by this and may pick up the book and the project for myself!! Love it! Can't wait to read more!