Wednesday, July 20, 2011

home sweet home and some yummy cake batter frozen yogurt

Well, gee-peers. I feel like it has been far too long. And is has. Let me explain why. 

I was gone for 9 days on the mission trip I mentioned a little while back. But you already knew that.

What I didn't tell you was that when I got back we only had three days at home to get unpacked and do laundry (including folding and putting away) only to have to pack our bags right back up again. I didn't want to let the whole world know I was going to be MIA from my precious home for one more week. So I just didn't really say anything at all. Maybe I should have, but I'm weird like that. Although, now, if I ever don't post for a month you will probably know that I am not at home, which defeats the whole purpose of my not saying anything. Or maybe not. I suppose it depends on my location. 

In the Dominican Republic I really couldn't do a thing about it. No internet. No computer. No tv. No phones (not that I have a fancy phone anyway). No nothing. It was wonderful. Only, it was a little tricky to get back into having all of those nice things once again. kind of. I suppose it wouldn't have been too difficult to get back into a regular blogging grove had I not been on the move yet again from the Dominican Republic . . . 

to visit these three little loves of my life . . . 

[though, I soon discovered they were not all quite so little any more : ]

yes, yes. I got to take a nice short long drive way up north to Minnesota and spend a delightful week with my oldest sister and her little munchkins. 

But, now I am back home. And I have pictures loading onto my computer for picture stories to come later in the week (for real this time). I am excited about this. 

I am not excited about the fact that today I am as old as I have ever been in my life. I suppose you could say that every day of your life, but for some reason birthdays make that point stick out a little bit more. o bother. 

On the bright side . . . today is my birthday! And I get to go out to a yummy dinner with The Hubs. And I made some cake batter frozen yogurt! it is De-lish. I will have to post some pictures in the morning, if I remember to take any before devouring what is left of it, that is :D 

cheers for now!

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