Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Pitchers

Well, I still haven't figured out how to link older posts in the new one (like this one) so unfortunately you won't get the yummy stories that go along with some of the pictures I post. But I suppose that's okay. I want to post some pictures and have a little bit of time do that that now, so I'm gonna take advantage of that and just post post post some pictures : )

We went to Lake Tahoe with the hubs' parentals... we only took a few thousand pictures (don't worry, I have carefully chosen only a few of them : )

This one is taken at the tippy top of the mountain looking over Lake Tahoe - sooo Beautiful!

The hubs was fascinated with this little island.. we would have swam out to it if we had more time and if the water wasn't Frigid! Some lady build a house (or castle) on it years and years ago (I forgot how many it was). It was pretty awesome.

There was a sparkling waterfall that I fell in love with... so peaceful and gorgeous!

Love it! This is where I felt my heart tugging on me, calling me home, begging me to stay.

And then we went to Yosemite National Park... obviously : )


Yosemite Falls (I think!)

There were some really Huge trees! ai ai!

And then we went to San Francisco...

We went back a few weeks later to see more of the city (like the bridge and such...)

We went to jail. It was pretty crazy.

The bad guys were crazy... literally.

And the highlight of this trip was my birthday present... we went to see Wicked! aaa-mazing! I've got the bestest hubs ever : )

There are more pictures but they will have to come later. I'm thinking tomorrow. It's just so tricky picking only a few from a million. o my. Plus, you don't even have to look at the pictures, I just like to look at them, and they bring back happy memories, so I'm going to post bunches and bunches : ) I would have done it earlier (like this summer when they happened) but if you remember, I couldn't because of the computer I was using and the lack of proper software... but you know that.

So anyhow. That's it. For now. Maybe I'll figure out how to link previous post, but don't count on it. You'll just have to read all of my first ones to get the juicy stories about all of the pictures :) yep.

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